How to get 1000 paid views everyday in Paidforarticle.

At last, if you want to get 1000 paid views every day please read them very very attentively.

   Now, I will share with you some guidelines.                                    Hare you are: 

It is a brief guide for those want to write in paid-for articles. It aims to help authors to understand the requirement. 

1.  How to get an article approved.                             All of the following points must comply with your article or your article will be rejected. 

A. Your article should be a minimum 500 to 2000       words long.

B.  Should follow all the checkpoints list here bellow.

C. The article must not be already published on the internet.

D. Your article should be 100% unique and a hundred percent of your writing.

E.  Include helping videos or photos whose.  related to your articles.  

F. Your article should follow google policy, not any negative content.

G. The information provided in the article should be correct and not misleading. 

H. Your English revel must be that a native speaker.

2. Trending content.

Article covering trending topics always ran well. For this, you get a much-paid view. Write articles on the trending topics and you should have preferred interesting and knowledgeable topics.

Two help you find more suitable topics suggestion. Paidforarticles post suggestions daily on their telegram channel and Facebook page. Join both to get the best articles topic.

3. Keep you article knowledgeable and factual

 Keep your writing suitable and useful. The article should be between 500 to 2000 words longs. Complex words and sentences are boring to most of the readers, So keep your article easier and simple with valuable content.

4. Include sources.

Your need to back up each article with external links to the reputed website to your topic. The following is a list of a few reputed websites.

Wikipedia,  NDTV, Buzzfeed, National enquirer, Metro, Vox,  The verge, Examiner,  Salon,,, Medium, etc.


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Nithesh E C - Sep 29, 2020, 8:01 AM - Add Reply

I enjoyed this article but there are few grammatical mistakes in this article

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