In modern time technology is growing day by day ,so it is most important for us to be aware of new things taking birth in the field of science , it is common in these days that so many people are earning money using internet online , today I am here for all of you to tell that how can you earn money online ?  just by using your basic skills which are found in everyone, so be ready to understand I am going to share to you all that platforms which will help you earning money online .


Youtube is one of the great platforms for all of you to earn money online just putting quality and creative videos on youtube when the people will watch the videos you will be paid in dollars, by increasing subscriber and views you will be paid more and more 


Paid for the article is an international website to write articles, just you have to register yourself free and work on How? you have to write creative and quality articles, and when the people will read your article you will be paid US dollars. 


Text-broker is also a good platform like paid for artical just you have to work like on the paid for artical and you will be paid 


 Fiverr is an amazing website for working you can earn more and more using Fiverr, first of all, you will have to do six month course in the field of any one of web-designing, digital marketing, making logos, etc when you will be able to do work given by the people on the website your earning will start 


Blogging is like youtube you will put videos, and by ads, you can earn US dollars easily, blogging is an online process for earning 



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