How To Earn money by typing from home

Ways to Improve your Typing speed:

1. Take Typing Tests:

There are so many online websites available for typing test. One of them is Key hero. Take so many typing tests so that you can improve your Words Per Minute.

2.Type every day:

You should type every day if you want to be a freelance writer online. Become familiar with the key placements and eliminate writer's block by making it a point to type every day.

3. Don't look down your hands:

You should always focus on your screen not look down into your hands. This will be difficult at first, and then it will be easy when you know the exact placement of the keys.

Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs:

Beware of many scams out there that are associated with the data entry job opportunities. You should do proper research to find legitimate companies. Check out these easy and legit typing jobs you can do as a beginner and experienced ones.

1. Xerox:

Xerox is a well-known company, they will hire data entry agents occasionally with good pay. So you have to check their careers page reguraly.

2. Microworker:

Small kind of data entry jobs is available in Microworker. You can earn 4 -5$ a day. This is a part-time data entry job.

3. Clickworker:

Clickworker is a worldwide crowdsourcing platform that offers a variety of work at home micro jobs such as writing, translating, and virtually any skill you have.

4. SigTrack:

This company offers seasonal data entry jobs that involve processing a voter's registration details for various states. It mainly focuses on the signature tagging of the citizens of the United States. Each set of their tagging projects will pay you differently.

5. Fiverr:

Fiverr is a popular freelancing marketplace where you can advertise your skills such as data entry, translating. You will be get hired by the employer according to your bids of their project.

6. SmartCrowd:

Smart Crowd hires people with excellent typing speed to expand their work from the home team. The application process is open for everyone, although the final selection will depend on your balance between typing speed and accuracy.

You need to pass the alpha-numeric and special- character typing tests to get the final approval. You can earn 5$ per hour using this website.

7. SpeakWrite:

This company always hire experienced typists and transceiver. To get selected, you need a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute, with around 90% accuracy. You need atleast 2 years of experience working in this industry.

8. AccuTran Global:

It is one of the most popular transcription companies, they will offer high-paying typing jobs.They are hiring freelance workers on their team. The advantage is that you won't need any previous experience to apply for this position.

You must pass the transcription test conducted by them to get the final approval. You can earn up to 0.004 -0.0005$ per word.

9. Scribie:

There are multiple vacancies for freelancers on this website. The application process is also simple. You need to go through the assessment before you get the final approval. They usually provide a 6-minute audio file to their transceiver. For transcribing a 6-minute audio file they are paying $0.5 - $2.

10. Axion Data entry Services:

They provide high paying data entry jobs to their freelance agents. However, they rarely have an opening. So you need to watch their career page regularly. You need atleast 2 years of experience in the data entry industry to apply on this platform.

11. TranscribeMe:

If you are transmitting from general typist to transcriptionist, then TranscribeMe is the best option for you. It offers vacancies to the entry-level transceiver, with handsome pay. The application process is easy. This company accepts applications from all over the world. It currently pays $15 per audio hour to their transceiver. The minimum payout for withdrawal is $20.

12. Birch Creek Communications:

They have data entry projects and transcription project to work, but they mainly focus on the transcription projects. For the transcription project, they are paying $1 per audio minute.

Apart from these websites another typing job you can do is being a virtual assistant. This is a general job you do online involves a variety of typing jobs like:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Customer email support           
  • Newsletter writing
  • Graphic design
  • Proofreading

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