How to earn money by blogging in 2020?


Blogging is the best way to earn money on the internet. In this type of job, you will make money for a lifetime. When we think about various online earning sources, blogging is the best for beginners to increase their earning and stand in the internet market with a strong foundation.

To create a blog, we focus on google blogger. Because it is free of cost and enhances your ideas like a website. When you start a blog, you have to choose your desired domain like '' You can also remove the 'Blogspot' by purchasing the area and make your Blogspot address to a website.

After choosing the domain, you have to select the theme template and customize that as per your requirement. After completing the customization of the layout theme, you have to create a page. In the page section, you can customize the data and make it a professional look. In blogger, you find various types of professional themes as per your requirements.


When you completed the page setup, you are now making a post or blog and write valuable ideas in it. You can insert relevant pictures or videos according to your blog, and doing all you have to publish it. Now, your Blogspot is ready to view. You can view it in a new tab and see how it looks.

You can add more Blogspot in a single blog and attach various links that will redirect to your landing page. Blogging is the best platform to advertise your site. In blogging, you will get more traffics from all over the world and maximize your earning. There is no limit to posting blogs. The more you post the blog, the more you got traffic. Traffic is your earning, so always try to share your blogs on various social media platforms to gain more and more viewers.

You can apply for google Adsense account when you are eligible for it. After you get approval from Adsense, your earnings start, and it will maximize by incoming traffic from various sources. I have lists of websites which give you traffic from all over the world. You can join my Facebook page '' and ask me about the details of blogging. I will provide you with my ideas for free of cost. 

In the blog, you can add the e-commerce products and start earning by affiliate marketing from amazon, Flipkart, and many more. 

So, in my view, blogging is the best platform to earn very quickly. You can own a website later by paying its annual fees and get more space to post your articles on the site. But, before going to website creation, the blog takes a vital role in giving you valuable ideas about website making. 

So, don't waste your time in various non-faithful work on other's website and create your blog now and stand as a leader in the internet market. Your hard work and concentration give you success in your life and enhance your performance like a boss. Join my network to get full access to blog creation. I will guide you step-by-step to reach your goal.

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