How to earn $25000+ in just 1 month from Ebook as passive income?

Write an Ebook Can Anyone do it.

If you have spent any amount of time researching opportunities to make money on the internet, you will have noticed a number of recurring themes. One such theme is the need to write your own ebook.       

The theory is that if all you ever do is sell other people's books, then all your marketing efforts are helping to make other people more wealthy rather than yourself. If you are the author, then you will benefit from other people marketing your work.

In simple terms, there is more money to be made by writing and selling your own book, rather than just re-selling another persons’ work. I suppose it is obvious, really.

However, there is an obvious problem here. It is all very well advocating that you write your own book, but the average person in the street is not capable of writing a book. Or are they?

If you are reading this article, then a number of assumptions can be made. You are equipped with a computer, a link to the internet, and basic I.T. skills. You are also, at least, curious about the possibility of making money online. If you agree with these assumptions, then I am certain that there is an ebook within you, waiting to be unleashed on the world.
One simple method for creating a book would be for you to set your self a target. For example, the target may be to make $1000 in one month by clearing your house of unwanted clutter and selling it on eBay. Another target could be to set up a fully functioning web site for less than $25. Make sure your target is realistic, achievable, and time-constrained, and make sure you are able to quantify what success will look like.
The next step is to keep a diary of your efforts to achieve your target. You could write down on paper details of the actions you have taken that day. Try to write a paragraph a day. The target of a paragraph a day will also help focus you on actually “doing something” each day towards achieving your goal.
An even better idea would be to write a Blog. I am assuming that you will be aware of what a blog is and that you know that you can set on up for free in a few minutes. By keeping your diary as a blog, you will also be increasing your knowledge of media, which you may use in the future to help you make money.

If we go back to our first example, at the end of your month of selling on eBay, you will have created at least 30 paragraphs of useful, detailed information. In effect, you have created the backbone and structure of your very first ebook. The information will need editing and tidying up, but in essence, your book has been created, and the majority of the hard work has been done. Your title could be “ How to make an extra $1000 in one month”.

I have only really scratched the surface of this subject, but hopefully, I have demonstrated that perhaps anyone can actually write an ebook.

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