How To Download Minecraft PE Official Version 1.16.220 On Android | Download Minecraft Latest Version 2021

So, guys, Minecraft is a viral and leading game in our current world; in almost every country, Minecraft is popular. Many big YouTubers and gamers also play this amazing game. Do you guys also think that we can play it on our Android devices? The answer is yes you can play it, but for that, you have to read this article till the end and follow our all steps which I'll tell you so, be with this article read it fully and follow all steps and if you do all steps I can guarantee you that you can 100% play Minecraft in your android device. So, be with us.


So, guys, Minecraft is a game that was first launched on pc whose name is normal Minecraft, but it's also known as Minecraft java edition. But after 1 year of launching Minecraft, Minecraft pocket edition launched, and it's also called Minecraft bedrock. Minecraft bedrock version is for Mobiles like android and iOS. And it's launched on Google Play Store and App Store. That game was paid for on android and iOS, and that's why many people can't play it because they can't buy it. But if you Guys want that game without buying, you must follow the steps I'll tell you.


It's famous because of its features and functions Provided in the game. Its concept is amazing, and its deepness is at another level because, in Minecraft World, we can do what we can think, and that's an amazing concept based on, so if you haven't played it now, then don't wait for a second, complete this article and follow the steps for Downloading and installing Minecraft pocket edition on your android device. This game has not been converted free for iOS devices, but you can play it for free on android.


So, guys, now let's talk about the new update I'm providing to you; so guys, this version name is d 1.16.220 and, it's the successor of 1.16.210 whi, ch was launched just 3 weeks ago. Very soon, this new update has released, now can look forward to the 1.17.10 caves update because very soon this 1.16 series will end and new cave versions will be released, so if you are excited about it just like me, then fastly go to the Comments section and comment down your opinion about Minecraft pe 1.17.10 caves & cliff update. So, guys, this 1.16.220 update has mostly focused on the fixation of bugs from the game and the smoothness of the game. This update literally makes the game smooth. I've noticed it a bit, and if you play it, only you can verify or understand it. Now let's look at the steps of Downloading.


Downloading & Installing Process :


1. Firstly, go down and click on the green Download button, which is clearly visible below, so after clicking it, you'll be redirected to my official website.


2. On my website, you'll get the Download button above on the left top side. So click on that search button and search "Minecraft 1.16.220". After searching this, you'll get a post.


3. So, click on that post that has a photo just like this article have so, verify it, and then there you'll get much information about the update at that post, so after waiting there for 15 sec go, down where you'll get the green Download button just like this one so, click on that and after clicking on it.


4. You'll be redirected to another site, and that's the last page or site so, there you have to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram, so do it, and after them, you'll get the unlock button so, click on that and then you will get the media fire link of Downloading so, click on that file and your Downloading will be started.


5. So, after Downloading that 120MB File install that file, and after installing, you can easily enjoy the Minecraft latest version 1.16.220 on your android device.





So, guys, I hope you'll like this amazing Article, and I hope you will play Minecraft's latest version on your android device. Must follow me on our Paid for Articles website and also Subscribe to our website.

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