How to download Minecraft full version: Beginner's guide for PCs

Minecraft, ever since it first arrived on the scene, has gone from strength to strength. To the point that it is one of the highest-selling video games of all time. It is no surprise that Minecraft has been able to stay relevant through the years, given its massive popularity.


One of the biggest reasons Minecraft has been such a massive success is its universal appeal to both younger audiences and adults. To kids, Minecraft presents a fun and accessible way to experience video games, and for adults, it is a gratifying, in-depth experience that is truly freeing.

The Minecraft 1.16.220 update is a slight update that was released to the game on 6 April 2021. This update brings various new bug fixes and technical changes within the game.

This update fixes several gameplay accidents, includes additional bug fixes such as issues with mobs, blocks, and some user interface issues. The update also added an animation of people drowning swinging their arms when throwing tridents.

This is not a huge update, so players should not expect a whole lot of changes to the game. This update is primarily for bug fixes and solving stability issues.

Downloading a game update can be different for players depending on what platform they play on. Some updates will download automatically on their own, but some players will have to manually queue for the update to install.

In this article, players will be informed on how to download the 1.16.220 update on whatever platform they are using.

Once you know how to download Minecraft, you can join the fun and find out why it's become the best selling game of all time.


The ultimate sandbox game has sold more than 200 million copies since its launch in 2011 and currently has over 126 million monthly active users. 


Its popularity stems partly from the way its ultra-creative gameplay is suitable for all ages, and for everyone from casual to veteran gamers — but also from the fact that it's available on so many platforms. Seriously, there are probably toasters that can run it. 

Minecraft can be downloaded straight from the official website, and you will need a Microsoft account in order to play this title.

To download Minecraft Java Edition for your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Look for Minecraft under "Games  (download link here).
  3. Select "Buy Now" from the top corner of the screen
  4. Complete the payment process

You can also elect to try a Free Trial of Minecraft in case you're not sure whether it is really the game for you. You will also need to update the game regularly to enjoy all the new content and recieve bug fixes and the like.

The download will begin shortly

This game usually updates automatically, but if it doesn't, then you can update it manually by following these steps:

  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher
  2. On the right of the "Play" button, select "Latest Release

The game will then download the updates if there are any.

The Java Edition differs from the other versions ever so slightly, but it has become the most popular way to experience Minecraft today.




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