How to download GTA 5 in Android for free || high graphics

Everyone knows GTA 5 is an amazing PC game Everyone wanted to play in his android phone of 2 3 GB ram. Today on this beautiful day I will give my GTA 5 Apk and Obb file free of cost.

I will give you highly graphics GTA 5 mod.

If you went Minecraft latest Java version

Go to my YouTube channel and see eye video.



So guys what are you waiting for go and download the apk and obb file and play gta 5 in your Android device for free and anytime and anywhere without internet.

GTA V is really the best game for gamers and everyone cannot play the gta 5 because it is only for PC but today is the day thereafter you can play GTA 5 on your 2GB device.

So don't waste time go to link and download it please it's for free at no cost 100%.

If you face any problem with my Apk or Obb file So contact me with the help of the email that I provided you.

You see many videos of GTA 5 on Android but no one give you the real GTA 5.

If you want to be paid GTA 5 email me I will give you a highly graphics GTA 5 mod. 

If you went Minecraft latest Java version.

Go to my YouTube channel and see the video.

But today I'll give you the real gta 5 link for free.




1. In APK ful map of gta 5 PC in unlocked. 

2. out of 3 characters are unlocked MICHAEL, FRANKLIN, and TREVOR.

3. Hud is on.

4. And the first boring mission is completed for your better gaming experience.

5. Michael has 20000$.

6. Trevor has 150000$.

7. Franklin has 400000$.

8. And very high graphics

9. And one more thing its offline. Anytime you can play without internet.

10. Personal Mobile phone for 3 characters.

11. Work in all devices of 1gb 2gb 3gb 4gb.

12. Michael gave a personal airplane.

13.Indian vehicles added like ktm scorpio santro innova with high reflection.

14. Free for All users.

15. No need to stay in the queue.

16.You can change the weather anytime.




1.Click on the link and you redirect to the website

2.Wait for 10 seconds then scroll down and you see the open and continue to click on this. Then you will redirect to New website.

3. On this page wait for 10 seconds and scroll down and click on open and continue. Then you redirect to New page.

4.Click on the 1st Ad you see and back in 1 second then scroll down you see the get link option click on this and download your game and play.




1.Download the apk.

2.Download the obb file.

3.Download Z archiever from play store.

4.Go to download section in z archiever.

5.Find Obb file and extract it.

6. Then extract the apk.

7. Install the apk.

8. You see the an 2gb file.

9. Copy the file.

10. Paste the file in the data section of Android.

11. Then open the apk of gta 5 in your device.

12. Experience the highly graphics of gta 5 in your Android device.

Now enjoy your game.





For more GTA 5 content,

Submitted to my YouTube channel

For more queries

Email me,

[email protected]

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