How to Download Fire OB27 Advance Server APK?

Download Free Fire Advance Server

On April 1, the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server went live, and it will be available until April 8. Players will be able to try out all of the new features during this period, including the New Pet - Moony, multiple characters, a new sword, materials, and more.

The APK file for the OB27 Advance Server can be downloaded from the official website. Only participants who have received an Activation Code will be able to use it.

This article discusses how players can download it as well as the registration process.

APK file for Fire OB27 Advance Server is available for free download.

Users can download the APK file from the official website and install it. They will do so by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the Free Fire Advance Server's official website by clicking here.

Step 2: After that, log in and select "Download APK."

The APK file is about 701 MB in size, so players should make sure they have enough space on their phone before downloading it.

Step 3: After downloading the file, select "Download from Unknown Source" and install it.

Step 4: Finally, they can open it and enter the activation code to gain access to the server, where they can test out all of the new features.

If the player receives a decoding error, they should redownload the file and follow the steps above. Players will not be able to reach the Advance Server without the Activation Code. The code is also only issued to a limited number of users after registration by the developers.




To register for the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server, users must follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Players must go to the Free Fire Advance Server's official website.

Step 2: To register, they must log in using their Facebook accounts.

Step 3: Fill out all of the necessary fields.



Free Fire OB27 Advance Server features

A new boxing ring has been added to Batou's Social Zone, where players can challenge their friends to a fight.

It also includes a new weapon, Kord, which is similar to the previous Advance Servers. The gun has a large magazine size, but its fire rate is limited. However, the exact statistics of the gun will not be known until it is included in the update.

USP, a second akimbo firearm, has been added. Unlike Vector, it is marketed as a package and is known as USP – 2.

Flamethrower has been added to the battle royale mode. The Flamethrower, in addition to the two recent additions, has been used in battle royale mode.

This Advance Server also contains a Mystery character who has a passive ability called Falcon Fervor, which increases damage by up to 5% when attacking from a distance of up to 5 meters. At the same time, the damage dealt to marked enemies has been increased by 5%.

The other new character in the Free Fire OB27 Advance Server is Xayne.

It has an active ability that gives it 100 HP for a short time and increases the damage done by Gloo Walls and shields by 50%. However, there is a 150-second cooldown interval, which is on the longer side of the scale.

So what do you guys think about it? Do let us know.

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