How to do Katichakrasana (Spinal twist pose) and its benefits and precautions?

 In Sanskrit "Kati" means waist, "chakra" means circular rotation and "asana" means pose. In simple words, katichakrasana means rotation of the waist. It helps in making the waist more flexible. If you are suffering from constipation then this asana is best for you. This asana is very simple and effective, beginners can also learn it in a short time period. This asana is also effective in reducing belly fat, lower abdomen, and fatigue. In English, this asana is known as "spinal twist pose" because as I already said this asana is based on the rotation of the waist. Now let us learn about steps to do katichakrasana.

How to do Katichakrasana (spinal twist pose)

Any small mistakes in yoga asanas can cause serious injuries so proper information about the steps of asana is necessary. For detailed information of procedure read the following details.
  1. Stand up on the firm ground or a mat in Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  2. Inhale a deep breath and stretch your arms in front of the chest with the palm facing towards each other and arms parallel to the ground and remember that distance between arms should remain constant.
  3. Exhale slowly and move your waist towards the right and also move your hands in right as much you can. Maintain this pose as long as you can. Keep the distance between your arms constant.
  4. Breathe in and return back to the center.
  5. Repeat the same steps on the left side by maintaining the distance between your hands.
  6. Repeat this cycle for a minimum of 5 times for a better result.

Note: Don't stop your breath for a long time because it can cause many problems and do asana slowly.


Benefits of doing katichakrasana (Spinal twist pose)

This yoga asana is very simple and can help you in many aspects of health. The benefits of practicing this asana are given below:
  1. This asana is very effective in increasing the flexibility of the waist.
  2. Regular practice of this asana is also effective in decreasing fat.
  3. Effective in relieving from constipation.
  4. Strengthen shoulder, neck, waist and arms muscles.
  5. Moving the chest along with arms results in expansion of the chest which causes easiness in breathing.
  6. This asana can be very effective in frozen shoulder.
  7. Katichakrasana improves kidney efficiency, nervous system and helps to fight with depression.
  8. This asana is good for those who are suffering from debates.
  9. It is a good remedy for lower back pain.
  10. Strength up the spine.
  11. Help in reducing fatigue.
  12. Just as Tadasana it is also basic of many Asana.

Precautions to take while doing katichakrasana ( spinal twist pose)

Along with the procedure, precautions are also necessary to prevent yourself from injuries or many other problems. Let's discuss these precautions:
  1. Avoid katichakrasana during pregnancy.
  2. Avoid this asana if you are suffering from a hernia, spinal injuries, and slip disk.
  3. If you have gone through spinal injury then avoid this asana.
  4. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then do this asana with safety because it can cause giddiness.
  5. Do not practice this asana in presence of abdominal inflammation.
  6. As breathing is an important part of this asana so if you have any problem related to breathing or lungs then avoid this asana.

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