How to deal with Covid 19 stress and maintain mental health?

"Life is so short, we should not take anything for granted".

Covid 19, a sudden unfortunate event that broke every one of us, it affected our lives and mental health. One must make their mental health a priority. Mental health is equally important as physical health. In these hard times, we should not lose our strength and should know how to deal with stress. Some useful tips given below will help you to gain mental health back or maintain your precious mental health. 



The most important thing is taking care of yourself, take care of your body. Try to sleep well without any worries, try to control your emotions and especially the strong emotions like anger. Divert your mind and channel that energy into something positive. The challenges can be overwhelming but we should not let those challenges consume our mind.

Our mind is a very powerful tool, our thoughts can make changes in our actions. One should try to remain positive because positivity helps us to manage everything in our lives. Practice meditation, it helps to calm down our mind. Eat well and do exercise.



One should and can always share our grief and feelings to someone who understands and listens and someone who is close to us. Reach out to people and choose the non-judgemental one, because sharing always helps in venting out our emotions and make us feel relaxed.

Distance yourself from social media content that triggers you. Enjoy the little things in your life and relax into the present moment. Forget everything and just live! Try to creatively express anxiety by dance, music, painting. and trust the process, you will heal. Start your day with affirmations, it will do good.

Engage in good activities like reading books, watering plants, playing with animals. Try to connect with your friends virtually because social distancing is a must. Plan tasks to achieve on a daily basis. Don't panic and take rest. Take care of your loved ones and help them if they are in need. Be grateful for your life and think that you are ready to face difficulties. 



Wear your mask, sanitize yourself regularly. Worry less and live more. Rethink the way you are feeling now, question your emotions, do you really want to suffer that way? Do you really want to feel those emotions? When these questions will come to your mind, you will start thinking differently. Suddenly you will feel a burst of positive emotions in yourself. You will feel happy. 

Some people also leave us in stress, try to avoid such people and focus on yourself. Whether it is your relationship or friendship, if they are the reason for your poor mental health along with the covid stress, disconnect yourself from such people for some time and connect with positive and good people. 



Don't feel alone because you are strong and enough! Hold on to your strength and it will do wonders. One can always reach to psychologists and therapists for help. Don't feel ashamed, mental health should not be compromised. Always remember that hard times don't last forever and everything is going to be okay.


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