How to create E-Commerce website & earn money

How to create E-Commerce website & earn money

Are you tired of doing 9-6 job, working on week-ends??? Unavoidable pressure of achieving target… or may be a house wife or student or maybe you want to earn extra income apart from your job…. Okay the answer is E-Commerce. The fastest growing industry with minimal investment. In this Article we will discuss with in details.

Why E-Commerce

Now when you have decided to start your own business the very next question will arise in your mind may be which business????

You will start discussing with your friends, collogues what business to start. You may find your known ones or facebook sponsored ads showing different kind of business which will more confuse you. People around you will advice you about the huge amount of investment you need & about the possible loss. You will than start calculate how much savings you have, from where you can borrow money??? May be taking a loan from bank is worthy!!! But still not sure either your hard earned money will be safe after investment…well E-Commerce is the answer of all your worries. How…let’s discuss

Start your business online i.e. E-Commerce with minimal invest which will keep you tension free. Either to start your bakery, garment business, yoga classes, photography or anything you can imagine. Start your own website, contact with dealers & display products on your website. When customer orders any item contact the dealer, buy the product & deliver the customer hence you are doing business without spending hefty amount of money.

How to create a website

Now when you have made your mind to start your e-commerce business, the first step is to create your own website. Either you can hire a web developer which may cost you in between 15000-20000. But if you are thinking that you don’t have that much of money to invest, don’t worry in this Article I will discuss how to create a website in low cost.

Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your website. There are companies like GoDaddy, Big Rock from where you can buy it. Go to such company’s website & search the availability of the name you are looking & book a Domain name. There are various extensions like .com, .In etc.


Hosting is the address where your website data will store. You have to buy server space from hosting companies which is called Hosting. There are various companies from where you can buy the hosting plan according to your choice. Big companies like Godaddy, Big Rock, Blue host etc provide hosting services.


Create E-Commerce website

After purchasing Domain name & hosting now it’s time to create your website. Now let’s discuss about Wordpress. Wordpress is a web-based content management system which allows users to create a website or blog.

From the company from which you will buy the hosting plan, they will give you a admin access called C Panel. C Panel is a platform which gives you full access to edit, install or delete any element in your website. You need to create Id & password for C Panel.

The popular & reliable hosting companies like GoDaddy or Big Rock comes with easy installation of wordpress.


1. Login to your Godaddy account.

2. Click web hosting.

3. Next to the hosting account click manage.

4. Under options & settings in the popular apps section, click Wordpress.

5. Click the install button.

6. Complete the on screen fields & than click Ok.

Big Rock

1. Login to your C Panel.

2. In C Panel there is a section named “Softaculous Apps Installer”, click on that, search for Wordpress.

3. Click on the install button.

4. Fill the details for the wordpress setup.

5. Choose your Domain name.

6. Copy all the files & put it under public_html by login C Panel.

SSL Certificate

There are two types of Website one is Secure & another is not secure website. If your site is not secure, your data can be stolen or can be public. To avoid such situation it’s necessary to a secure website. Big hosting companies’ gives you option to buy SSL certificate. By opting SSL certificate you can secure your website.

Now when you already have installed the Wordpress, login to Wordpress & it will direct you to the Dashboard. Dashboard is the Admin access for you from where you can update your website, upload videos, pictures, edit price rates & every other thing.

 Note- I would suggest to buy Domain name & hosting services from the same company to avoid technical problems.

In Dashboard go to Appearance-Themes-Add New. Search best commerce-install-Activate. You will see different themes with live preview. Check the themes live preview & install which ever you like & than click on the Activate button. Go to the top where you will find Begin Installing Plugins, click on it & choose install option. Then you will find a section named Plugin, click the round box & click on apply. Now go to Plugins option in the left of your dashboard click on it which will direct you to again to plugin box, click & select Activate option & click on apply option which is the next button of Activate.

In Dashboard you will see a option named WooCommerce, in which you will find many options using which you can control your E-Commerce website such as Orders, Coupons, Reports, Setting Status, Extensions etc through which you can track your orders, can give coupons to your customers, your website related reports, status etc.

Go to Plugins—Click on Import data, it will direct you to a button named Import Demo data. Now your website is ready. Now again go to Elementor by using this you can further edit your website. There is a option named Customized by using this you can edit your website according to your needs.

Now start taking orders, sell whatever you want to sell & earn as much money you want. Best of luck.

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Having 7+ years of experience in different fields like HR, Recruitment, Content Writer, Web Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist.








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