How to convert our anxiety into happiness?

Anxiety is tension, fear, stress, worry, emotion, depression and sweating, etc.

The first question about anxiety comes in my mind is how can we recognize Anxiety In yourself and Others?

The symptom of Anxiety is Overthinking, memory issues, Avoidance, Insomnia, Rapid Heartbeat, Headaches, Panic attack, Stomach issues, Sweating, Needing reassurance, Trouble Concentrating, Trouble breathing, and Constant worrying.

In Anxiety, We have many facing problems in life. Some people also commit suicide. In Anxiety, you also got depressed. You should never lose hope. Everything in life is not permanent. We should work on ourselves. We should face the problem. The best way to finish Anxiety is to talk to someone. By talking to someone about your problem, You feel relax and fresh. You can do medication and Psychotherapy and self-help.

To overcome anxiety, you should do your favorite thing that you like the most, that is the most important thing to finish anxiety. You should go for a picnic with your friends and family. You meet the needy person to know the life is a blessing. In Anxiety, You should do Exercising to make your mind fresh and relax. You should do the painting in which you will be happy. You should eat your favorite food that make you happy and your anxiety will finish. You should watch funny online videos that will help you to be happy. Health is everything. In Anxiety, Psychotherapy also helped you to reduce anxiety. You should face all problem with happiness. You should know what is right. You should tell your parents about anxiety. This will help you to reduce or release anxiety. I love to play cricket if you like cricket you should play cricket.

You have to ask the question to yourself?

What thing you like most.what things give you happiness.You should do that thing. This will make everything normal. Anxiety is a common disease and the most common reason for anxiety is stress and the most common solution or treatment is Be Happy or talk to someone else about your problem. It will give you motivation that you are not alone. Your parent or friend is with you. You could do it. Everything is possible in life. You can do anything in life. Watching movie or motivational movie or comedy movie will also make you happy and finish your anxiety.

But don't watch sad movies it will make you more sad and you will not overcome your anxiety. You also listen to music that you like that will also work. You can also listen a Motivational speaker that motivate you and bring back you in a previous life. You can also remember the old memories that give you life. You can also do your hobbies like gardening etc. But the most important don't take the stress. You should be relaxed and happy.You have everything in your life. You need nothing from life. Just enjoy your life. Don't waste your life in garbage things.

Forget the bad things and move on. Do the best in your life. There is always a scope of improvement. You should think positive and something positive happens.You should never face fear or stress if your think is positive. You work hard, then you get a reward for sure but do not lose hope. Everything that happened in your life is for you to make a better person. Do not lose hope because lose hope is not a disease, it has not cured, yet If you feel you should not stop, you should get up and walk towards your dreams.

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