How to build yourself as a good cricketer?

How to build yourself as a good cricketer?

Before becoming a good cricketer, you have to know cricket well. 

Currently cricket is a very popular sport in the world. The ICC is the highest governing body of cricket. The ICC was first born in 1909 with funding from Australia, England and South Africa. At first its name was different but in a few steps its name was changed to International Cricket Council. The ICC is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Presiding - Shashank Manohar. 

There are many rules and regulations for playing cricket. If someone does not follow the rules of cricket, the ICC can punish him severely and even disqualify him from being a member of the ICC for life.

Currently, the ICC has 12 full members.

1. Bangladesh.

2. India.

3. Australia.

4. England.

5. Afghanistan.

6. Sri Lanka.

7. Pakistan.

8. South Africa.

9. West Indies.

10. Ireland.

11. Zimbabwe.

12. New Zealand.

Three of these countries are called the forerunners of cricket. India, Australia and England are the three leading nations in cricket. Because these three countries enjoy many opportunities from the ICC.

How to be a good player in cricket.

Cricket is a very popular sport nowadays so naturally cricketers are also very popular. People in Asia in particular are very cricket lovers. Cricketers are very popular but it takes a lot of hard work for a person to be a popular cricketer. And you have to start practicing cricket from a young age and work hard every day to keep fit. The first condition of a cricketer is to keep his fitness right. If you don't have good fitness, you won't get a chance to play in the national team because you have to work hard to play cricket. So if fitness is not right then no one can endure so much hard work so the main condition of an ideal cricketer is to keep fitness right. And for this you have to be very careful about the food you eat. Care should be taken to ensure that the abdomen is not fat and the body weight does not increase. Therefore, special importance should be given to this issue. If one wants to be a cricketer, one should be admitted to the cricket academy from a very young age and grow up in the cricket environment from an early age. Since it takes a long time to become an established cricketer, it is better to learn cricket by getting admitted in the academy from an early age.A player improves when he obeys his coach word for word. If you want to be a cricket player, you have to follow the biggest rule, which is not to become addicted to drugs. A very established player himself can be banned from cricket for life if he is addicted to drugs. So the first condition to be a good player is to stay away from drugs.

Cricketers are not allowed to have any mobile phones during any series. Keeping a mobile phone is a very big crime. Also time assessment is too much to do. For camping, the team management has to be present on the field at the exact time. To be a good cricketer you must have these qualities.


Stay home and stay helth.  Be good at home, be good to others. Our combined efforts can save the world from epidemics.

Thank You.

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