How to boost your focus before studying?

Are you a student and you are obsessed because you can't focus on your study. When you are studying you feel sleepy. Here are some tips to avoid this.

1. Study one topic at a time

Many of you try to study with different books on the table. Your mind thinks it is hard to study. So make it easy. Study one topic at the time. and you will rock it

2. Do meditation before studying

Sit down relax, close your eyes, and count how many breaths you have taken. This improves your focus. So do meditation or we call it mindfulness. Clear your mind.

3. Play cricket, Football or video games

It increases your focus because you are engaging in it with your heart and soul. You can play Pubg, Clash royale, subway surfer.

4. Give test

After studying a topic give an online test on that topic. Solve your book questions. Go to some good website.

Join a study group on Facebook or WhatsApp.

5. Don't panic if you are feeling stressed

Nothing is permanent,Everything is if you had a breakup. Think about moving on not thinking about that was my mistake.

6. Make the topic interesting

You guys try to study difficult topic but if it is not interesting your mind won't focus on it. So make the topic interesting using flashcards(Quizlet app). Draw important diagrams. Create mind map

Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind

Study smartly not hardly

7. Get enough sleep

When we are sleep deprived we lose focus on the next day. Try to get early and early on the bed for at least 8 hours of sleep. Enough sleep makes you healthy.

8. Do smart work

Instead of cramming a topic late night. Watch a video lecture to understand that topic. Create a schedule. prioritize important tasks or chapters firstly. Do smart work. See the latest syllabus on the internet and prepare accordingly.

9. Be happy

 Laughter decreases stress hormones and boosts up your life. It increases and enhances your life and allows you to live freely. It is also good for our facial muscles and increases the blood supply to your cheeks by which your face glow. This is the best combination to live a happy life.

10.listening music

Music improves mood, reduces stress, provides comfort, eases pain, and improves your memory and so on the benefits it has. According to studies, music regulates your emotion and relaxes your mind. That is the reason why people listen to music while they are exercising, running, walking, etc. It boosts up there workout and they feel more confident even they reach in the state of and laughter cures our stress life.

11. Don't fap too much

Teenagers' problem is that they fap too much. It is a good thing but you should not do it like addictive behavior. Join some no fap groups on the internet.

God gives us life, why to waste it by taking stress? Friends always remember one thing “live freely, live longer”. So these are views which I want express to our audience through the medium of my article. I hope you all like my article.

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