How to become a therapist?


As we know what a therapist is. Now is the time to know how to become a therapist? What qualifications do a man needs to become a therapist? What does a therapist do? All of the answers of these above questions are right in this composition.




To become a therapist one should likely need at least a bachelor’s degree to become a therapist. However, the majority of therapists need to have master’s degrees in addition to bachelor’s degrees. Some therapists have advanced degrees, such as a PhD, PsyD, or MD. After achieving these degrees a person can become a therapist and continue his profession. He can start working as a therapist in a public or private clinic. If he wish to work directly with patients, he will need his personal supervised clinic as well as educational degrees and license to treat his patients and provide them with his service.



Additional degrees:

In addition to his degree, he has to cover course material in any field of therapism that prepares him for his career, he will need to complete supervised clinical work in therapism. This means that he will have to practice several therapy sessions with clients before he can become certified by the state’s licensing board. Finally, he will have to take a licensure exam and pass it to achieve his license in this field before he can practice therapy. Some therapists have advanced degrees in psychology as well. Therapists, who had done PhDs usually focus more on research. On the other hand, therapists with PsyDs focuses more on clinical work. Both of the degrees require 4-6 or more years of education or course, and one can become a therapist with either degree. A therapist can work as a social worker as well.



Problems Solving:

A therapist knows that helping people is his passion, that is why he is more likely to drawn to the field of psychology or therapy, he still may be wondering what types of mental health issues he can solve and help others manage and overcome. Really, there are so many mental health problem that he can help people overcome as a therapist! Here are a few of the most common mental heald disorder: alcohol and drugs addiction, eating disorders such as aminia, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety disorders, panic disorder, PTSD, OCD, depression disorders, mood swing issues, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, marriage issues and depression, parenting challenges and issues facing children and students. A therapist should know that his work is to solve all kinds of problems in his field from above to encourage his patients for betterment and solve their problems.




A wonderful way to explore becoming a therapist, is to enter therapy all by himself. Experiencing therapy in oneself will help him become a better therapist down the road to become a great therapist. As like this he will be able to empathize with his clients. Not only that, but working through his own mental health challenges will make him stronger, more reliable, and teach him how to develop strong personal skills. However, he should know that wherever he is in life or whatever he is doing — whether he is in college or trying to figure out his career path, or thinking of making a switch from other fields — becoming a therapist is an engaging and rewarding career, and there is no other right time than right now to pursue it.



Work of a therapist:

A normal day for a psychologist may start with collecting information through surveys, interviews etc. He may do a short study of clients' brain function and behavior. He may also do some research to indentify behavioral and emotional patterns in clients' mental disorders. But before solving the problem he needs to identify the problems his clients are facing. By asking some several questions about his life and mood a therapist can point out the main issue. Most common questions of a therapist are: What prompted you to seek therapy now? How have you been coping with the problems that brought you into therapy? Have you ever done therapy before? What was it like growing up in your family? Have you ever thought of harming yourself or ending your life? After indentifying the problems he sets a balanced treatment plan, making referrals and writing on how to get away from these issues and remain in with good health and mood. The focus may be on solving the problem or on learning specific techniques to cope up with the problem of his clients. Psychotherapy is a long-term treatment and focuses on a broader range of issues.




Therapist is always a great choice of career to build. By being a therapist one can provide lots of social services and take a great place in peoples hearts. We have some well known therapists in our world who are providing a great service to the clients and helping them live longer. Elizabeth Loftus, Steven Pinker, Robert Trivers, Philip Zimbardo, Howard Gardner, Martin Seligman, Michael Posner, Susan Blackmore are one of them. They are to observe their clients passionately earlier. A new begginer of this profession can take inspiration from these great therapists in order to become greater like them. This will provide them with a strong mental focus towards this career and hunger to build it.




Helping people in their mental health issues or move through mental health struggles is an important place to provide service to solve their crisises. As a therapist can reduce more and more suicidal problems and give people hopes of living 1 day longer. There is always room for more compassionate therapists. 


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