How to be a good youtuber?

Where Youtube belongs: 

According to Wikipedia, Youtube is an American Online video - sharing social platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. Three people joined to started youtube Chad Hurley, Steve chan, and Jawed Karim created the service in youtube in 2005,

Youtube is a most-watched social platform. Youtube gives everyone voice, career and entertainment. There are values that are based on essential freedom and biased decisions. It gives freedom and is firmly believe that what we give :

  • Freedom of expression: where we freely speak, share our thoughts, and that creatively freedom opens new voices to generate a better world and also new possibilities.
  • Freedom of information: There we give you easily accessible to easily available any information and videos on youtube powerful tool for education, build firm understanding and start from small to big.
  • Freedom of opportunity: gives also new opportunities as proceed towards new careers, build startup as a business, and succeed on their own terms.
  • Freedom of Belong: gives new hope for unity without clash of casteism and religion, support and break down borders, and all share interest and passion. It' severy one's choice to follow what he wants.

How Youtube was started?

The domain name was activated on February 14, 2005, and the website was developed over to subsequent months. The first video was, titled Me at the zoo, shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego zoo. The video uploaded on April 23, 2005, and can still be viewed on the site.

Why did Youtube use for?

It's a great and most-watched social platform. Youtube used for music videos, comedy shows, news, recipes and hacks and more,  any kind of genre you find in videos. It's also used as career opportunities by young people. To subscribe to the favourite channel and celebrity videos. you tube is free to join its account.

What are the positive effects of Youtube?

How to start a career on Youtube?

To start a career you set up a channel. You know everything about it. first question why you want to make a youtube channel and it's important to know about when you move towards the world of youtube. Think about what tools and strategies you used to make your content best. you can make on any genuine topic of your interest from your pet, your industry, your views on any topic you want. It shows what audience you targetting and make content separate from others for their audience interest. patience is the key to success, how patient you are in your career. It's a long process; don't be impatient . some people left after some time that they don't have patience, take time, and improve your work again and again and learn with your mistakes. If your video makes a hype then you will go far in this business and make a mark.

Importance of being a YouTuber :

Channel: First set up a channel by your name or any nickname of yours like technical dost, bb vines, etc. make a channel name remarkable and unique. that audience attracts towards your channel. don't choose the same style and repeating content. Give replies to their comments. Share your work with other sites and on social media. It promotes your work and also viral on other sites too. It can boost your career.

Content: Content is the king; the larger than life thinking and positive attitude give you success. To make work on your content. something new to content with a touch of newness in your content. like voice module, scripts, song, etc and also know what your audience want to see. The target group of audience who like your content or select any genre on which you make videos. select your niche with perfection.  choose trending topics of day to day life.

Video Editing Software:  be careful in your researches to choose for your channel. Finalize wit important editing. It works for lightening works, the top three programs to use for youtube video editing are iMovie, adobe premiere, pro cc, and final cut pro x and is fantastic for beginners and also completely free.

Scriptwriting: It is of quality work, precise, clear, and visible to audience everything should be finalized before the shoot. afterward, work on with confidence because your script decides how much your work is capable of trending.

What should you make the video as a beginner: 

Make content that is simple and visible to your audience and what you want to convey seen in your video and understand by your audience. For making your first video on youtube. You should have confidence in making a unique concept.

Youtube New Rules:

From January 1, 2020; new rules were announced by youtube that creator will be asked for the content to identified specifically which of the videos are "made for kids" it's to be mentioned in your videos according to the new rule. They are also able to define the identified entire channels as kids-oriented.

Top five public speaking tips in youtube making : 

  • Know your subject very well and speech.
  • Know your audience and also your space.
  • Never apologize for not doing wrong
  • focus on your message, rather on yourself
  • work on voice modulation before making your video

Favorite YouTubers: These are favorite YouTubers; people want to see their videos so casually.

Ashish Chachlani is an Indian comedian and makes funny videos with a pinch of irony. He is very popular among people and also he visited and met Avengers actors. also known by Hollywood stars and Bollywood. his net worth income is 50.4 lakhs to 4.3 crores and also earn money from sponsorships and live events.

Dhruv Rathee youtube channel learning, awareness and education is the sole purpose of this channel. His net worth income $ 87.8 K - $ 527 K,

Deeksha Sharma channel filmi Indian; reviews movies in a satirical and blunt way,

Technical dost is a youtube channel owned by Hitesh Kumar, making videos and speak in a funny way also reviews phones, etc. many other channels also moved in this direction like technical Sagar, prince Chandra reviews phones. These above channels are on trending and great as well. They are not cheap. They make awareness and funny videos. 

Negative Effects: Don't affect every negative comment and don't be offended with it. Don't judge and prank on other YouTuber. Do not bad mouth others on the social platform. make dignity on the social platforms as so many people follow you. Do your work don't bark on every dog. Rajiv Nigam, make satirical videos on politics in a funny way with a pinch of irony. It shut down due to less growth from sometime due to NetFlix and other social platforms or apps. very many other entertainments coming and slightly slowly youtube business growth 

How many YouTubers make videos? 

They get between $ .01 to .03 per view, which translates to $ 3 - $ 5 per 1000 views and up to $5000 for 1,000,000 views. Youtube income is generated by advertisements through Adsense, sponsorships with popular brands and affiliate links. Google keeps 45 % of what is made so YouTuber would make $9.90 per 1000 views

When did Youtube monetization start?

History of monetization started on youtube. globally, in 2008 you tube turns it's focused on creating an advertising format that helped our growing partner community make money from their content. It's growing business with due time and people always aware of these trending topics daily.

Is Youtube shut down in 2020:

There is very much news that youtube might be shut down but it's only rumors or right don't know. Google announced that it will kill off the classics in march, 2020 youtube desktop interface. So, In,2020 very many older versions were missing and many of the new versions and features we used. many you tubers are lost don't interest anymore and very many you tuber's career growing very rapidly that have many followers to follow.

Thus, youtube is growing business day by day and happening among audiences. Most people behind YouTubers by inspiration and started their careers in this field. you don't need much education, anyone can make videos if they know how to attract with trends and topics. if you know some strategies and youtube knowledge you can do it.

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Ashutosh kumar - May 17, 2020, 4:13 PM - Add Reply

Does this website pays ????

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Mona Masood Khan - Jun 29, 2020, 9:04 PM - Add Reply

yes you tube pays but with limit of subscribers one have.

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DYNAMIC gaming - May 21, 2020, 1:59 PM - Add Reply

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Mona Masood Khan - Jun 29, 2020, 9:05 PM - Add Reply

great information but it's not related to my article. thanks for information.

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