How to Analyse Your Dream?

How to Analyse Your Dream?


Have you ever thought of analyzing the conversation between our conscious mind and unconscious mind? Well, the communication between these two is what we know as dreams. We all are dreamers who dream and see certain things in our dreams. 


Our dreams have hidden meanings. Most of us want to analyze it, isn't it? But how can we do that? With crystal balls, dream dictionaries, or lying on the bed and wondering? 


dream-analysis-in-easy-steps dream-analysis-in-7-easy-steps


No, not at all. Today in this article, we will be talking about ways by which you can analyze your dreams. Let's begin.


Follow these 7 steps to analyze your dreams.


  • Record your dreams.



The first thing that you need to do while analyzing your dreams is to try to record it. Try to take notes, even if it is a few sentences that help in encapsulating the dream. 


This will help you to draw the content of the unconscious out in the realm of the concrete. This step is mandatory if you are looking forward to analyzing your dream.



  • Understand your feelings while you were in the dream



The second thing you need to do is to identify your feeling while you were in the dream. Try to understand if you were feeling angry, sad, happy, or scared. 


Observe if you feel the same way after you wake up in the morning? Also, try to understand your comfort level with those dreams. 



  • Try to identify other things. 



It is important to identify the reoccurring thoughts in your dream and your daily life. Compare the thoughts you had in your dream to the thoughts you face daily in your life. 


For example, assume that you were saying in your dream that "I will not be good enough ever for them" or "I will not be able to do it," and then observe and ask yourself if the same thoughts arise in you throughout the day or not. 



  • Notice the elements of your dream



It is important to understand and consider the other elements that occur in your dream. Try to understand who you are in your dreams and how you feel being in that character. 


Many times we find ourselves acting totally different in our dreams compared to the person we really are. Try to observe these things and understand the differences. 



  • Keep the dream dictionary away.



We all are different from the other; some way or the other, there are differences. All of us have our own past experiences and things that we have been through. 


So we need to understand that the symbols, objects, and the meaning of the dreams given in the dictionary will associate with our dreams differently than that of others.


  • Believe in yourself



Try to understand that there is no other expert than yourself in this situation. It would help if you believed in your own self when it comes to your own psyche. 


Know that you know more than anyone else, and you understand more than the person you are explaining it to because it is your dream.


  • Learn from your dreams



Dreams are not always horrific, terrible, or meaningless. There is always something hidden to learn from it. 


It is important to learn something about yourself from the dream you see and what it tells you.

In conclusion, the above were the tips you can follow when analyzing your own dreams. There are many books available in the market and in the online stores where you can learn a lot about dreams and analyze it yourself. 


Keep reading more if you are really keen on learning about dreams and analyzing them. 


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