How science effect on human..?

Science has proved to be the enemy of man.



  On its face, the statement seems pointless. If you have toothache today, you can visit or fill up a regular dentist who does more pain-free exercise. A hundred years ago, dentistry was introduced into a twist with a twist. Medicine has shown remarkable progress in improving the destiny of humanity. Today, overtime can be eliminated in less than half an hour. Fifty years ago, it was full of attachments, with deadly consequences. Today more children survive after childbirth; more people live today than ever before, thanks to scientific discoveries and their health and mental health. As a result, their happiness has been incredibly improved and increased by scientific research.   But science has done more than promote health and longevity.


In principle, the application of scientific discoveries was to make full use of the natural resources of the world, to improve the general well-being of humanity. Simple machines and processes are now a product of technology - another product of scientific technology - another product of scientific research - and an additional product has been an increase in wealth and, therefore, power for both the community and the individual. Without science and practicality, there would be no roads, transportation, street light, permanent buildings, railways, planes, or shipping. No radio, cinema or television. No books or newspapers.   Of course, human existence can be at a cruel subsidy level. He has enough to eat and is fully utilized to protect himself from wild animals.


Like cave people, his life was "bad, short, and cruel." But science has done more. His desire to travel and explore the world and develop his natural resources has served him well in science over the past five years. Today science begins to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Who knows tomorrow? In any case, it is only the knowledge that man can satisfy his natural need for understanding and controlling nature because even though he is physically and mentally weak, he is far superior. All other known types of creation.   But today something has to be said by the other party. The old proverb is that "knowledge is power," so it is more accurate than ever, and we have reached the point where it is in the hands of nuclear scientists who have a path to extinction in many developed countries. This kind of brainpower often goes hand in hand with the psychological maturity and childhood dreams of a 'global community' that makes all knowledge possible. In an imperfect world, when scientists are exposed from one political blog to another in a dangerous mystery or defect, such thinking is hazardous. Today, science is the enemy of men in this sense.



Further considerations are that science is a simple war for evil people. Any small or vengeful people can buy a yacht, poison gas, or high-speed rifle. And some of the more general scientific results are also somewhat doubtful. Fertilizer crops damage crops. Natural debauchery results in unevenness or drought. But perhaps the most dangerous danger is that science seems to be in control of humanity because we have a modern life, neurological tension, which we call, endless activity, anxiety, and unbalanced living. It is like a computer that forces urban residents to have a tight, high-pressure, independent life as a computer. Charlie Chaplin The Old Movie "Modern Times" forty years ago accurately reproduced this trend, and for many of us, it is life based on the lies he predicted.   However, science is not a man's enemy or friend.

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Hfsa rajpoot - Apr 19, 2020, 10:34 PM - Add Reply


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Hfsa rajpoot - Apr 19, 2020, 10:34 PM - Add Reply


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Zia AbdulSalam - Nov 20, 2020, 12:37 PM - Add Reply

Hello Hafsa!Mein is website pe articles likhna chahta hun kaya aap please mujy guide kar sakti hein ?

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