How possible that Tokyo Olympics will take place in 2021 ?

Tokyo Olympics

International Olympic committee (IOC) chairman Thomas Bak and local events have been battling report that the postpone Tokyo Olympics will be canceled. The Tokyo games which, was postponed months before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, is scheduled to take place on July 23, but the games are once again under threat. Please tell that the last time during the second World war, the Olympics were not played. In 2020 due to coronavirus Tokyo Olympics games delayed for months.


The Times of London has quoted  government sources and prime minister's associate language sources as saying that if games will be cancelled. On Friday the local organizing committee told that preparation for the Olympics were going ahead and they had the sport of Rome prime minister Yoshihide Suga.


The committee said that the focus of all our partners including the Japan government, state government Tokyo 2020 organising committee IOC and IPC (international Paralympic committee) is on hosting the games this summer. We hope that daily life will be normal as soon as possible and we will continue efforts to organise sev sport. Deputy chief cabinet Managu Sakai also denied report of the Olympic cancellation. Tokyo governor Yuriko koike also said that I had never heard of such a thing.


Japan cannot even think of Olympic cancellation in dreams.

Japan's economy is already second and it is estimated that the economic countrie's GDP may remain negative in the year and water Japan's organising committee will loss close to rupees 416 billion to to cancellation of these games that loss is more than 388 billion rupees from India latest budget. The Government of India had this time really sports budget of 28 to 26 billion.


At the same time, IOC president Bak said that if you talk about it there is no reason why we think that Tokyo Olympics cannot be held from July 23. We do not have a plan B. Bak said that if their were changes then 11000 athlete and more than 10000 officials, judges, media and broadcasters would be affected. Bak said that it is obvious that you do not want this.


history of Olympics the popularity of Olympics games

The Popularity of Olympics games can be gauged from this that both the states and cities were abandoned their internal fights due to current to Olympic games. At the time the horse riding and boxing were the best games among the players.

The Olympic games were held in Greece in 1896 these Olympic games were played on Olympia mountain. In 1950 the first time America and Russia to participate in the Olympic games. If the most terrifying games has been organised in Beijing China so for. Beijing's popularity has grown more because of the Olympic games.


Top 10 games in Olympic games.


2 swimming

3 track and field

4 swimming

5 water sport

6 volleyball

7 basketball soccer association football

8 tennis

9 athlete

10 wrestling/taekwondo and judo

Olympics in 2021 will be held in Tokyo and this time new records will take place in many Indians.


Things to know

games are most important role in our life. so enjoy games and be happy

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