How painful is it to install a "Ventilator" for a patient with Covid-19?

Those who walk outside without a mask and don't understand what it means to be in a "Ventilator" . listen very carefully.

This "Ventilator" is not an oxygen mask that can be put on your face in a filmy way and read the paper - Magazines while lying down. This "Ventilation" of the COVID-19 is a method by which a tube is inserted into the very bottom of your throat to the "Lungs." And it stays there until you survive or die. This tube is kept in the same position for about 2 to 3 weeks without any movement. Occasionally even the body is kept entirely upside down. The machine is inserted from the mouth to the "trachea," which helps to breathe in rhythm with the lungs. The patient cannot talk to eat or do anything reasonable in this condition. That "Ventilator" machine kept him alive. In this process, a patient tends to get that intense pain. To cope with the pain, doctors push the patient to a high-quality sedative and painkiller. By doing this, they can endure this hardship as long as they are to use this machine. This condition is a lot like being in an artificial "coma."

After 20 days of treatment, a young patient loses about 40% of his or her total muscle; mass suffers from vocal cord trauma. It is likely to suffer from a variety of respiratory and heart complications. It is for these reasons that elderly or already weak patients die without being able to tolerate this treatment. Many of us are members of this vulnerable group. So if you do not want to go to that state, be very careful. It's not the "Flu."

A tube in the abdomen through the nose or skin to inject fluid a stick bag around the waist to collect diarrhea a follicle catheter for urination ivy for vapors and dedications an A-line F to monitor blood pressure - all this together?

After re-application, the calculated dose of all these medicines will depend on the shifting of your limbs by the nurse team medical assistant and keeping your 104-degree fever regular by lying on the ice-cold water mat.

What is not mentioned in this article is that even in this condition, a patient can hear everything. So even if a nurse standing next to them talks about death unconsciously, the patient is terrified. Also, if the sedative is low, the patient cannot breathe of talk when the painkiller is reduced, the patient screams in excruciating pain inside his head but cannot make a sound. It is also very uncomfortable when the tubes are taken out of the body. The trachea may work instead of a respirator, but the patient still cannot eat or talk without the machine.

So when you go to a hobby store outside the house without a mask or corona protection, remember that you will not only be attacked by strangers; your child, your spouse, father/mother can only be infected by you in this challenging disease. So the decision is yours' - do you want to see all of you and your families suffer in this "Hell"?

So do not leave the house without a mask or corona protection in the necessary and unnecessary need.

"Your protection is under your control."


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Raihan Ahmed - Jun 3, 2020, 7:34 PM - Add Reply

This is my first published article. Feels great. Welcome to the group admin. I want support from all readers. I will be happy to tell you how I wrote.

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