How much water should I drink in a day?

"You should drink plenty of water. You have to drink eight glasses or two liters of water every day.

We all get such unsolicited advice. But that's not always the case with water.

Until the early 19th century, drinking too much water was considered bad. The upper classes of society considered it an insult to drink too much water. They thought that it was the job of the poor to fill their stomachs with water. They considered it against their dignity to do so.

However, water is widely consumed around the world today. Demand for bottled water in the United States has exceeded that of soda. People in Pakistan and India are also drinking a lot of water. This is also because people are advised to drink plenty of water day and night. Drinking more water is said to be the secret to good health and beautiful skin. Also, prescriptions for cancer and weight loss are common.

The question is, where did the practice of drinking eight glasses of water every day start? Because no researcher or scientist has ever made such a claim.

In 1945, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council in the United States advised adults to drink one milliliter of water to digest every calorie.

This means that if you are a woman who consumes 2,000 calories a day, you should drink two liters of water. Men who consume two and a half thousand calories should drink more than two liters of water.

It doesn't just include plain water. It also includes water from fruits, vegetables, and other beverages. Fruits and vegetables can contain up to 98% water.

Besides, there is no doubt that water is very important for the body. Water makes up two-thirds of our body weight. Water plays an important role in flushing out bad elements from the body.

In addition to maintaining our body temperature, water also plays an important role in maintaining joints. Chemical changes in the body are not possible without water.

We excrete water through sweat, urine, and breath. In such cases, it is very important that we do not allow dehydration in the body.

The illusion of water

The illusion of drinking eight glasses of water every day is found all over the world. The idea that has prevailed for decades is so prevalent that by this standard we are severely affected by water scarcity.

Experts believe that we need as much water as the body needs.

Irwin Rosenberg, an expert at Tufts University in the United States, says that man has learned to balance water over thousands of years of the evolutionary journey. Today, the human body has a tremendous ability to balance water. ‘

As soon as any healthy body needs water, the brain knows it immediately. The brain makes a person feel thirsty. A brain hormone also signals the kidneys to thicken the urine to reduce the amount of water excreted from the body and save water.

"If you listen to your body, it tells you when you're thirsty," said Courtney Caps, a British doctor and athletes' health adviser. People are wrong to think that getting thirsty means that it is too late to drink water. Man has been quenching his thirst for such symptoms for thousands of years. It is wrong to think that your body will give the wrong signal of dehydration.

"If your body works right in all other matters, how can it be wrong in the case of thirst?"

It is best to drink water when you are thirsty. But we have tea. Drinking coffee, cold drinks and other things can also make up for the lack of water. There may be some side effects of caffeine, but numerous studies have shown that tea and coffee compensate for dehydration.

Drinking water is good for health

Scientists have not yet found evidence that good water should be drunk. Must drink. Instead, they think you should drink water when you feel thirsty.

There are definitely some benefits to avoiding the mild bean thirst phase. According to some analysts, it makes the brain work easier.

We can also lose weight by drinking water regularly. Brenda Dewey of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in the United States says that those who drink more water lose weight faster than those who drink less water.

Experts believe that mild thirst or dehydration is very common and most people do not realize this stage and even such a deficiency affects your mood and energy.

There is also the idea that drinking plenty of water keeps your skin clean, but scientists have not found any evidence of this.

Is more water really good for health?

Those of us who drink eight glasses a day is not harmed. But there may be some disadvantages to drinking more water than the body needs. This causes a lack of sodium in the body. Sodium deficiency causes inflammation in the brain and lungs. Dr. Courtney Capps said that if we ignore the signals from the body and drink water on our own, it can be harmful.

According to Dr. Caps, at least 15 athletes have died from drinking too much water during an event in the last decade or so. He said that the reason for this is distrust in the system of his body

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