How is the world entangled in the dragnet?

Eighty-four million vagaries

A soul travels in 84 lakh yoni. Many lakh kinds of trees, many kinds of ghosts, many lakh kind of insects,tombs, many millions of animals, many lakh of yakshas, gandharvas, Gods and Goddesses, humans etc. In these vagranas, a soul wanders due to the deeds done by it. If a souls takes 1 year in a vagina, even then the journey of all the vaginas will take the soul eighty-four million years. But many yonias like trees, snakes, ghosts, etc. sometimes take thousands of years. After traveling for eighty-four million vagaries, the soul achieves human birth very difficulty. Of the 84 lakh vagaries, only and only human birth is such a vagina through which the soul can get out of the movement of this 84 lakh vaginas and attain salvation. Gods and Goddesses also aspire for human birth so that they can liberate themselves from the movement of this eighty-four.




We (a soul) have three types of actions.




The karma that we are doing right now in this birth is called kriyaman karma. We have received this birth by taking some of these accumulated deeds. Whose account we have to give in this birth. Oh can't stop it. We have done these deeds in any of our past lives. The happiness and sorrow that comes to us in this birth is due the destiny deeds done by us in a previous birth.



Sorrow and happiness due to destiny deeds

You must have seen many times that some people do very good deeds, yet they have to face sorrows. The only reason for this is destiny karma. Such people have done wrong deeds in any of their previous births, now they have to bear the consequences. After traveling a total of 84 lakh yonies, a soul attains a human birth, so that he (soul) can get himself free (always attained salvation) for all time through the cycle of this birth and death. A soul's attainment of salvation is possible only in human birth. And not in any birth (dog, elephant, snake, tree, ghost, gandharva, Gods and Goddesses, Gods and Goddesses also aspire for human birth.



Therefore, Gods and Goddesses also aspire for human birth. When a soul performs very auspicious deeds, he attains the rank of Gods and Goddesses in heaven. But when the fruit of her auspicious deeds ends, they goes in to a cycle of birth and death again. Salvation can only happen by going to the owner in the shelter of the impenetrable (teacher), and all this is possible only in human birth.

There is no one in this world. Due to the deeds done by us in past lives, a mother, father, brother, sister,wife,son, husbsnd. We have a relationship with them due to deeds done in previous life. When the calculation of deeds is complete, they leave us or we leave them. Think of it as a stage of play. There is a king, someone is a queen, someone is.......But at the end of the play there is neither  a king, nor a queen, nor is there any .......Similarly, this world is also a big play stage, where we are playing our own lessons. And when the lesson is finished, it goes away from here.



I told that there is no one in this world. It does not mean we have to leave the world and we have to live the world. To be a Shurma. Be brave. But while living in the world, do not be dragged into the filth of the world.

Meaning that no matter where the owner puts us according to our deeds, we should be happy. We should act while living in the world thinking that owner should not get angry with us. We should sit well in our mind that the actions that are being done by each of our thoughts, we will be accounted for one day. The great master is watching all our actions. He does not neet any evidence, a witness, a judge. That boss is your proof, you are the witness and you are the judge. We can deceive the world but not that great master (GOD).


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