How DNA measures Miles? How Moon becomes Mute? Top 10 interesting science facts, your teacher probably did not tell you!!

When we hear the word "science", it automatically creates different pictures in our minds: long theorems, tough equations scribbled on the board, practicing titration wearing a labcoat, dealing with derivations, and many other things, right? But many of us do not know the hidden and unbelievable concepts of science. Science has led us to find the things that give us what we have today and what we are going to have in our future. Science is believed to be started when we were taught that how the cavemen discovered fire: the greatest discovery of all time, from that time till now, science has continued to grow, from electricity to telephone, from telephone to train, and from train to internet, everything that we have today is itself a gift of science to us. But Science does have a complex nature too, science has secrets that are still unknown to humanity.

Let's see the Top 10 Facts about Science.



DNA the most general term used in biological science. Did you know that this familiar term "DNA" of a single individual can be stretched from Earth to the Sun, not just 1 time, not even 20 times, but for about 600 times? Isn't it amazing, that we are carrying a measuring tape of infinite length within us? Did you know this awesome fact before, do let us know in the comment section?



Moon!, you would agree that most of us had dreamt of capturing the moon once in a lifetime, right? The moon which is one of the pearls of space is itself Mute, but How? Let's see.

Two persons on the moon cannot directly have a conversation, this is because sound needs a medium to propagate and there is no atmosphere on the moon so the traveling of sound is resisted. The only way to communicate on the Moon is through Radio. So, next time you visit the moon, please make sure to take the radio with you!!



Brain, which functions the body is equivalent to a generator!! How? is it a joke? Let's unfold the secret behind this fact.

The brain generates enough electricity that its power can be used to glow a low voltage light bulb. The brain can generate electricity up to 25 watts. Now, you would not get surprised if I call the brain a generator.



Periodic table, yes that table that has annoyed us in our school days. Did you know the mystery behind Letter J and q with the Periodic table? If not, then you are at the right place.

The periodic table consists of all the letters except J and Q, is it just a coincidence or something else? We are all familiar with the periodic table, but this fact is yet unknown to many of us, did you know this before, let me know in the comments.



Sun is the first thing that gives a path for a new beginning and a new day. But, the sun is certainly a strange object of the universe. How? Let's see;

A photon from the surface of the sun takes about 8 minutes and 16 seconds to reach Earth, however, the same photon can take about 40,000 years to reach the surface of the Sun from its core. Now this is insane, unfair, isn't it? The sun makes up 86% of our solar system and we can even fit 1.3 million Earth inside the Sun. Oh Yeah! that's a huge number.



Water, the basic necessity of life. Do we know everything about water? Let's reveal an interesting fact about water:

Water can exist in all three states (solid, liquid, and gas) at the same time, this point is known as the triple point of water. The triple point of water occurs at 0.01 degree Celsius and at a pressure of 0.006 atm. This co-existence of water at the same time is truly magical.



A normal human possesses about 5.6 liters of blood in the body. This blood travels about 19,000 kilometers in a single day!! Wow! isn't it amazing? 

This distance can be approximated as the distance across the US from coast to coast for about 4 times.



The tungsten that is used in making the filament of a blub, reaches up to a  temperature of about 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit when the blub is turned on. Tungsten is indeed a mini sun that we have in our surroundings. Did you know this fact before, let me know in the comments.



The body of a human being contains enough carbon, that about 9000 pencils can be made from the body of a normal adult. The human body contains about 18% of carbon, and it is estimated that it is also possible to extract diamonds (another form of carbon) from the human body.



Bananas are very rich in potassium (K), when the naturally occurring potassium decays it becomes slightly radioactive which can be life-threatening. Are you a banana lover? If yes, so please be careful of the radiations only if you can eat about 10,000,000 bananas at a single time.


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