How did the world's highest battle field win in India


 India and Pakistan had just become independent that a new dispute arose between them, that Siachen glacier

 This dispute has started since India's independence in 1949. The boundaries of India and Pakistan were not clear in the Karachi Agreement between India and Pakistan.

 The border between India and Pakistan was not clear as to who had authority over the Siachen Glacier.

 Then in the 1970s to 1980s, the Government of Pakistan approved several mountaineering expeditions on the Siachen Glacier and included Pakistani Army officers.

 Due to which the dispute between India and Pakistan increased and during the Pakistani campaign, the Pakistani government approved to measure the important peak of an important glacier.

 Due to this, both countries started preparing or trying to capture India and Pakistan Siachen Glacier.

Army movements and operation Operation meghdoot

 The Indian Army had come to know from intelligence that the Pakistan Army is preparing and planning to capture Sachin Kresher on 17 April 1984.
 Due to this, the Indian Army planned to control the Siachen Glacier on 13 April 1984 to beat the Pakistan Army.
 Under this plan, the Indian Army intensified its action on the Siachen Glacier.

 The Indian Army, according to its plan, transported 300 Indian Army personnel by helicopter to three important peaks of Siachen Glacier and established its control there.

 Which was occupied by the Indian Army, 1000 square miles glacier

 Due to this defeat, the Pakistani Army attacked again to control the Siachen Glacier. In the same year, the Pakistani Army gave one of its posts to the Indian Army, which currently remains the Bana Post of India.

 The Indian Army named this plan to capture the Siachen Glacier named Operation Meghdoot, in which more than 800 soldiers of the Indian Army were killed in this Operation.

Facts of Siachen glacier

 1. Siachen Glacier India is a region falling from Pakistan and China, but currently, Siachen Glacier is included in India

 2. Sachin glacier temperature reaches from -30 degrees to minus 55 degrees; this temperature reaches minus 70 degrees at night.
 3. No army was deployed before 1984 or any country, but now the Indian Army has been deployed, which monitors in 24 hours.

 4. Siachen Glacier is also the world's highest battle area; in addition to Sachin's Parlor, it is also the largest glacier on earth.

 Training of Army for Siachen glacier

 Training of Indian soldiers deployed in 1 Siachen Glacier starts from high altitude war to school

 2, which will train them to adapt to the environment and walk on snow etc.

 3 Soldiers stationed here do not get a bath for three months

 4. Before deploying here, special training is given to Indian soldiers, and they are given special igloo clothes to wear.

5. Currently, the number of Indian soldiers is increasing continuously

For readers

 Therefore, all the countries of the world should not develop their wives for war but for the public and enrich the public, the aim of all the countries of the world should be, and everyone has the right to protect themselves but should not take advantage of this right. 

 And no one should harm or rule any other country than themselves; all the countries in the world should have the same objective, to develop techniques for the well being of the people and nature.

 And this nature is neither our ancestors nor our nature is borrowed from the children of our future generations, which we have to repay

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