How did the Gta game become so famous?

" As you all know that gta5 is a thief game, and it is race, driving, bragging, etc., in this game and in this game we also get misson which make this game more fun. And what we can do in this game, we do not stop anyone. Just a little police arrest us and take them to jail.


You know, five parts of this game have arrived. And people like this game very much, people have played every role of it, and you too must have played this game at some time. It is also full of
This game is played on a computer and PS because the size of this game is exceptional, and its size is due to its graphics. And if you want to play it on your mobile, then you can not make it as it is an excellent game size and your mobile cannot support it, so if you want to play this game, then you have to take PS5.


The first part of this game came in 1997. And then it was not as scattered as it is now. The game was developed by South Korean company Bluehole but Chinese company Tencent also has an integral part in developing its mobile version. The game was devised by Dave Jones and then later developed by Dan Houser.
GTA 5 on 2013. It was brought in, and people liked this game very much, and people gave a lot of attention to this game. Love is given, and people still like it very much; people are still eager to play it, and people want to play it on their Android phones, which is possible.


This game can only be played on a computer and PS.Any one of the three characters, both during and outside the mission, can be chosen. The story focuses on robbery scenes, and tasks include multiple shooting and driving gameplay. You have a lot of fun, and this game is also related to the spirit of the mission, and people enjoy doing its tasks, and some of its missions are easy and. Some are difficult, and we get paid for doing assignments.


In this game, our player can use hatapai and gun, etc., to fight enemies, and can move in water, and he can run to catch something, and we can also use vehicles in them. We can run; if we commit a crime, then we are caught by the police. And it has a symbol that is like a star; there are six stars in total.


There is no good scene in this game. In this game, only one person can play it at some time, and some missions are done by us; we have to do it with the team and some alone, and we get extra money for each assignment. This game is trendy, and we all like it very much, and it is a favorite game for both children and adults.
I love GTA, and you .
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Nice article 👍

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