How can we study in a better way?

We all know students these days don't like to study. So I'm here to tell you what kind of method they can choose to study in a better way.

First of all, you must have a vision and choose those subjects in which you are passionate about.

The best for study and preparation for your exams is the division of your work. Most students study just before the exams, which is not a good thing.

So my suggestion is to make a time table then divide your work. Even you do less, but daily is sufficient. After all, Slow progress is better than no progress.

Suppose if you have 5 subjects and each subject has 25 questions and you have 30 days. You need to make a time table according to your weaknesses and strengths. Let's say with these five subjects you're right in 1 subject and bad in 4 subjects. You must give that 1 subject less time than the other 4 subjects.

If you're equally bad in 4 subjects, then give an equal number of days to each subject. Let's say 4 days to each subject. In this way allocate 16 days to 4 subjects and one subject in which you're very good to give it fewer days. Let's say give it two days.

So we have allocated 18 days for these five subjects in our 1st phase.

Now we have 12 more days. Revise your syllabus in these days. Again allocate the days for revision. Let's say two days to each subject for revision. Now out of 30 days, we have completed 28 days and you still have two days left in which you can do anything or can revise your course again, and you can also eliminate your weaknesses in these two days.

You must follow the time table. Don't say it you'll do it tomorrow. In this way, you can't do it.

Also, start-stop studying at least 30 minutes before your exams. Relax your mind. It will give you better output.

Remember to write questions on your copy and also mark stars on it that how much you know about it. Like there's a question and it looks very easy and you are very confident that you know it's answer. Then mark 3 stars on it. If you're finding it difficult to remember and need more work to do then mark 2 stars. If you don't know anything about any question then mark 1 star star on it.

Try to write the headings of the answer below each question. 

Try to understand the answer and do not cram. Write it in your own words. Be creative. Do not copy paste as it is in your book.

Try to search from the internet for new material. Try to understand the topic and gain knowledge. Learning is very important but if you start memorising your questions and their answers then it'll be of no use. Your purpose must be to learn.

Also write your answers in your own ways at home so you can see your progress. 

Evaluation is an important factor. You also need to evaluate your progress and give points to each ques that how well you know it.

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