How can we compare Local train and Stock market in one platform?

1.  Fear of Share market and fear of Local train

First of all, "fear" feels like both.
 If I put money in the stock market and the stock market collapses, my money will sink
 And the fear of losing one's life by falling off a train in such a crowded local train.



 2.  Speed of time in local and returns on investing in Share market

If you are saving money under any other type of money-saving scheme, you do not get an interest rate of 7 to 8% per annum.  Even banks are no exception.
 But if you invest the same money in the stock market with the right guidance, your deposit can be increased any year.  It can even be doubled in a year, which means the money grows faster

 Also, when traveling by local, the traffic on the road and bypass roads save more time, it saves extra time and we can reach where we want faster.



 3. Time-saving and Discipline in share market and local train

it saves your precious time in both places due to the increase in money and speed of travel. Discipline - Both things make you feel unruly.  But if you look inside a little bit, you will realize that there is a lot of indiscipline in both the places .. but if you look closely, this indiscipline is only done by new people ...

 The journey of the stock market in the language of the train

we all are aware about local train and stock market in different veiw. but how can we compare both field in same platform. here we go. in this article we disscus how that both platform teach us. how we are on same mentality while dealing in both this platform.



A.  Investors in Share market and window seat in Local train

This is a passenger sitting by the window... They are in no hurry. They want to travel a long way ...
 They keep the stock close to themselves for many years without rushing to get the best stock in the stock market.  This gives them an annual dividend and good shares make good progress and give good returns.

B. Delivery in Share market and Local train

Passengers standing in the middle do not travel long distances, landing immediately after four or five stations ... Selling shares immediately with a small profit. both have same mentality. in local they not seat if there is an empty seat. and also not stand on door. that means they are not in position to take risk same like share market

 C. Intraday trading in Share market and people standing on door

Daily traders - these are the passengers standing at the door of the train. they are in a hurry. they get on and off at almost every station. sometime if there is an empty seat still they do not seat. they happy to stand on door. they enjoy that situation.

 Borivali to Churchgate train always has to travel all the time, this is what I experience every day now ... There are different queues of people getting off at each station in the morning crowd. If anyone tries to break this discipline, he screams.

In short, the commotion in the stock market and on the train every day is probably all nonsense.



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