How can our home be opened to prosperity?

The year 2020 was very challenging for everyone due to the corona epidemic. Yes, but this bad phase has definitely taught us that we should be physically and mentally prepared to deal with such situations in life. In the coming year, every person wants happiness and prosperity in his home.

There are some rules in Vastu for happiness, which can be included in the routine. According to the Suryopanishad, all the gods, Gandharvas, and sages reside in the rays of the sun. Without the worship of the Sun, one's welfare is not possible, even if it is the deity who attains immortality. Greeting Suraj Narayan in the morning by offering arghya provides age, health, wealth - good progeny, best child, friend, fast, radiance, learning, wealth, and good fortune. Vastu defects in the house are removed. Sun is the lord of the east direction. Surya is the planet providing wealth - wealth, opulence, healing, and fame. The rays from the sun in the morning are full of energy with infinite quality.



Direction everything:-

This is the reason that in architecture, the east direction is given great importance because the main gate of positive energy coming from the sun. East is the only direction. The rays of the sun destroy many types of harmful germs. Morning sun is best for health. When these rays fall on our body, we produce the necessary vitamin 'D' which protects us from many diseases. For this reason, in Vastu Shastra, it is advisable to keep more open space and doors and windows on the east and north sides. So that the rays of the morning sun can enter the house and courtyard in maximum quantity and harmful germs that spread the disease cannot thrive in the house. It has been clear from many types of research that the light of the eyes increases when we give water to the rising sun in the morning and see the sun from the edge of the water. So include it regularly in your daily routine.



Cleanse with Jiam: -

Due to the lack of proper cleaning of the house many times, dust - dirt, and webs are found in many places, due to which harmful germs flourish. The walls should be cleaned from time to time or otherwise dirty walls circulate negative energy. Spider webs were not installed in the corners. These give rise to a stressful and depressing environment. Peak spitting on the walls or stains in any way is indicative of impoverishment, do not do this at all. Similarly, there is discord in the house due to the shoes - slippers lying here and there. Mutual relations deteriorate. If there are broken toys or useless items somewhere in the house, remove them immediately. Negative energy generated from them causes illness. Regularly cleaning the house keeps the flow of positive energy. Happiness comes from good luck.


Greenery for health: -

Trees - Plants are such precious gifts of nature, full of lively power, which give oxygen to all. Keep the environment pure and balanced. According to Vastu, Tulsi, Marigold, Lily, Banana Moneyplant, Amla, Haridub, Mint, Turmeric, etc. should be planted in the garden of the house. Vastu defects of the house are removed from them. They also increase the amount of oxygen by purifying the air. So that your health will be good. Tulsi plant with medicinal properties dissipates negative energy. Therefore, it must be installed. Keep in mind that dry, thorny, and bonsai plants are a sign of disappointment, do not plant them.

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