How beneficial is pineapple for a healthy life?

Pineapples are grown abundantly in tropical climates. Owing to its spinny exterior like that of pines, the Europeans named the fruit pineapple. This tasty, juicy, fragrant, sweet, and sour flesh has made the pineapples an indispensable ingredient for making a refreshing smoothie with mango or sumptuous salad with cucumber and other additional dressings.

Pineapple salad Pineapple Cucumber Salad


Pineapples are loaded with useful chemicals.

A glass of pineapple smoothie or a plate of pineapple salad does more than refreshing the body or making the stomach full. Loaded with enzymes and minerals, the fruit is a cure for making ailments. Low in fats and proteins and moderately rich in carbohydrates, the fruit is highly rich in vitamin C, antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids, and a natural source of bromelain. This chemical has therapeutic value. Let us understand the benefits of those chemicals.


Aids in weak digestion

Pancreatic juice contains protein-digesting enzymes, trypsin, that aids in the breakdown of proteins. Pancreatic juice also contains amylase that digests carbohydrates. However, the digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth itself when the food is ingested by the secretion of saliva, which contains amylase. An insufficiency of pancreatic juice cause digestive disorders especially related to ingested proteins.

Bromelain, found abundantly in pineapples, is a mixture of proteolytic enzymes that can provide relief by complementing the inadequate pancreatic juice. 


Protection against inflammation

Tissue damage can be caused due to injury, infection, or irritation. This triggers the production of pro inflammatory cytokines of the immune system, which initiates inflammation which is beneficial for the protection of tissues. However, overproduction of pro inflamatory cytokines leads to excess inflamatory mediators which leads to less production of cytokines thereby keeping the inflamation under control.

It has been found that before a minor dental surgery, the patients who drank pineapple juice felt less pain than those who did not have any juice.


Boosting immunity to prevent sickness

Phenolic compounds act as an anti bacterial and anti virus agent. These compounds either kill  germs or arrest the growth and spread of infection in the body. Phenolic compounds have been found not only to act against skin infection caused by yeast, but also against bacteria like Clostridium and Salmonella. The phenolic acids are a tremendous boost to ones immunity. 


Protection against cancer

The phenolic acids and the flavonoids in the pineapple have been found to act against cancer. Hepatitis C virus causes the cirrhosis and liver cancer, are mostly transmitted through blood. Phenolic acids from digested pineapple are easily absorbed through the small intestine and are transmitted through the blood. These free radicals of the phenolic compounds attach themselves to the HCV and thus prevent the virus from attaching themselves to the liver cells to create cancer or cirrhosis.


Preventing premature aging

Ageing is caused by the oxidative stress on the skin. There are many unwanted molecules with free radicals that are produced in the body. This could be due to in take of alcohol, fatty foods, excessive consumption of meat. They are other causes of free radicals attacking the body due to an excessively polluted environment. These molecules combine with the usefull proteins of the body like the skin, causing inflamation and damage.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. It traps all the free radicals and helps those to be excreted, thereby cleaning the system. Vitamin C also helps in the formation of collagen which is an important filler component of the skin. Restoration of the damaged collagen helps in removing wrinkles and dead cells, giving fresh and young look.Pineapple juice or salad can provide for much needed Vitamin C which acts as an protective chemical for a stressful lifestyle.


Pineapple every day but with caution

A glass of cool pineapple smoothie during summer or plate full of salad with cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce and olive oil could be be best way to hydrate and nourish oneself. One thing is to be kept in mind that excessive consumption of pineapple should be avoided.

Excessive consumption of pineapple in any form can lead to stomach upset, acidity and nausea and vomitting. It is also important to remember that taking pineapple in a empty stomach is equally bad and causes the same symptoms.



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