How are the Uighurs treated in China?

Uighurs are a community of Turkish Muslims who lives in the western part of China. They still speak in Turkish and are known to be as a minority group of people. Though they occupy the whole of western China with a population of 11 million Muslim people.


The Uighur Muslims actually connect themselves to Central Asia and speak the language close to Turkish. During the invasion by the Chinese in 1949, it has been under China's control and now known as Xinjiang was earlier known as Turkestan. Since it's been annexed the Xinjiang is totally controlled by the Chinese government. 

There has been a various country who have written to the Human rights council of the United Nations about the torture that is being suffered by these Uighur Muslims. According to the Chinese government these people are connected to the extremist group and are a threat to the security. Though China doesn't allow media to its cities there have been satellite pictures that have shown pictures of detention camps. Many Uighurs who have been fled to other countries have spoken about the torture they have to go through in the detention camps. they are not able to sleep and are woken up early in the morning, many times they are also hanged upside down and beaten with batons made of rubber and wood. These people are treated so violently that its sad to even think of. These Muslims are not allowed to keep long beards and the women are not allowed to keep a veil covering their faces. There has been many mosques that are being destroyed and are not permitted to fast during the holy month of Ramzan. 

Though the Chinese government denies all these charges saying the Uighur's are given vocational training and there are no detaining caps in Xinjiang but the satellite pictures do prove it. The Chinese people have also started a program under which they sent there Han Chinese officials to stay with the families of the Uighur Muslims and according to the Chinese government this program is initiated to bring ethnic unity but the actual reason behind sending these officials to Uighur's home is to keep a close eye on these people. These Han Chinese officials especially men stay with the families whose men are sent to detain camps they live with these families, eat, sleep with the families. The tortures that are experienced by these Uighur Muslims need to be stopped as it is really heartening to see the suffers from these people. 

Everyone has the right to freedom and belief so taking a person both these rights is a harsh thing that is being done by these Chinese government. The torture that is being suffered by these people shows how inhuman the government can be towards these people. There needs to be a stern action that should be taken the united nations to save the Uighur Muslims from the tortures of the Chinese government. Religious freedom is something that we cannot snatch from anyone as its one's personal beliefs and torturing people in the name of vocational training cannot be acceptable.

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