How and in what quantity should we eat for good health?

This question is very important when eating food, why to eat it, and what is the benefit of it?  It has been said, 'As you eat, food should be in mind.  'This is absolutely right.  The food is three times breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Many do not have a morning breakfast, which is wrong.  The question is, what should be the breakfast for those who live in the city?


 Take seasonal fruits, soak dry fruits like almonds, figs at night, and eat in the morning.  Eating dry food without soaking produces heat in the body.  This can cause skin diseases.  Can take the juice in breakfast.  If there are no fruits in the village, then you can take curd in the morning.  You can take black or rock salt in curd.  Sugarcane can also be sucked in winter.  It should be kept in mind that they do not drink milk after drinking juice or after eating fruit.  Sour juice should not be taken after sweet juice.  If it is to be taken, then first sour it and later sweet.  The benefit of breakfast is when you exercise.  If there is gram season, then gram can be eaten in the village for breakfast.  Oatmeal, especially barley porridge, is very good.  Now let's discuss lunch.

Try to be vegetarian.  Lunch should have bread and pulse.  Should be vegetable, lassi - buttermilk.  Yogurt, salad can be taken.  Those in the village take bread, take whey, chutney, take vegetables, take jaggery.  It is better to start eating with sweet so that saliva is formed in the mouth.  Do not eat sweet outside.  Eat sweet, such as gum, sugar, khand.

 Use native Ghee in food, Ghee is the best cow.  Ghee is to be eaten in vegetables, not in bread.  Bread without Ghee is quickly digested.  Nothing should be eaten for two to three hours after eating.  Chew food should be chewed.  Water should be drunk after one hour of eating.  After two or three hours, we can take milk now.  Turmeric, milk powder can be added to milk.  Do not eat juice and bitter after dinner. It is poison.  Don't forget to eat pulses, curd rice, rajma, lassi, fruits at night.  At night eat the vegetable, cheese, vegetable, bread.  Remove smoking and drinking from the routine.  Keep children away from fast food.  This is not food.  He is a slow poison.  Ghee can be added to the vegetable.  Desi Ghee is so good that your whole body will be recharged with it.

 You can take milk after one and a half hours after having dinner.  One should not sleep until two and a half hours after eating food.  Five hundred to one thousand steps can be taken after eating food.  It is better to fast the break by ten o'clock in the morning, take lunch until one-half hour and have dinner by seven-eight o'clock.  You can drink milk at ten o'clock at night.  Go to sleep before eleven o'clock.  Be honest for better health, live selflessly.  Being selfless, the owner helps us.


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