Gardening is the key to mental health

one of the most celebrated hobby around the world is gardening. There is no such rewarding work than gardenong,. Growing your own plants and taking care of plants brought from nursery, nothing better can give you that happiness and satisfaction. 

Reular gardening can relax you from stress and helps you rejuvenate yourself to start your job in fresh mindset with positive spirit and relax. 

Gardening is good for our mental health. Even something as simple as having a plant on your desk can reduce stress make feel more energized and able to think more clearly, and many that suffer from anxiety or depression have found gardening and caring for plants to be incredible beneficial. But did you ever stop to wonder why that is? 

It has always seemed common sense that being engaged in the natural world is good for us; but in fact there is lot of research to back it up. 

Gardening is also a way of caring for something just the satisfaction of keeping a house plant alive, and the responsibility that comes with it, is enough to give us a sense of purpose and pride

Taking care of your plants especially when grown from seeds trains you as a parent which develops emotional realm, emotinal satisfaction. 

You might like to start gardening in order to gain a new set of skills and take part in meaningful activity, learning how to grow your own fruit and veg, 

So not only can gardening benefits our mental well-being, it also plays a part in serving our physical and social wellbeing as well. With charities like Thrive, horticultural theraphy and gardening interventions are becoming more and more widely available to those who suffer with mental health problems, are recovering from physical injuries, or are disabled, or valnerable

If gardening has helped you to recover or manage your mental health issues, I'd love to hear your story. Get in touch in the comments below. 

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