ENVIRONMENT, the place where we live, the place where we breathe, is slowly and gradually is degrading. People are getting diagnosed with different viruses and other diseases beacuse of degradation of environment. Earth is heating up because of the degraded.

environment,temprature keeps on changing, several natural calamities like earthquakes,forest fire are increasing because of the same issue. We are putting ourselves in danger which is really shameful. We human think that we are the superior as  we  are looking forward for colonizing mars and moon but, do we ever think to make earth a better place, a clean earth?why dont big personalities dont think about it? Are they really busy?

why dont we all look ourselves as family and environment as our house. Alot is left to do for our environment. Many species of animal and birds are in the edge of extinction which may disbalance our ecosystem and totally damage our environment. Why dont people like to talk about these issues rather than talking about other unnecessary topics. So many of the cities are being polluted where its difficult even to breathe in open area and the recent outbreak of Crona Virus (COVID) is also result of polluted environment and i dont think i have to tell about the damage COVID is causing on huamn lives. Almost more than 95 countries are being effected by it till now,more than 3600 people are dead. So its time we have to be serious about the environment.


 This matter(environment) seems really small on talks but this issue can cause great and expensive damage in the future where there will be no option just than to regret our mistakes. So lets start from today, from personal level lets save our environment and hand green and clean earth to our future generations.

               We Love Earth

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Norainizah - Mar 25, 2020, 7:32 PM - Add Reply

Save environment for better future

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