End Of Humanity????

Nowadays ; the population of the world has reached more than enough and this made great impact to our planet. The pollution caused by this generation has led a danger to our future generation. Climate of earth is changing and temperature is increasing. And we haven't yet has an alternative space colony or planet. So we have to spread awareness among all about climate change and we have force our politicians to take step towards it. Plastics in oceans has extincted many spieces. Carbon emissions are year after year . And to stop it we have switch to renewable energy. And an electric car doesn't pollute environment . We have to our future generation by developing sustainably . Countries like US ; China are major polluters of world whereas Countries like Sweden ; Norway are most ecofriendly . The main cause of dinosaur extinction was climate change. And someone said  "the climate change haven't even left any dinosaur then how it can leave humans" . We have to join strikes towards climate changes. Our government has form policies to tackle it. The increase in temperature has lead to melt many glaciers and increased ocean level which led to natural disasters. But we are the ones who can save it. If we say no plastics it would make a great impact in tackling climate change. The plastics burns in few seconds and release harmful gases and it takes about more than 500 years to decompose. We can switch to biodegradable products. The money our government spend on army should be spend on making environment good. Climate change will make worst condition for humans to live. And if it takes place our spieces will extinct.  We have think about it and must plant a tree to tackle it. This is our turn to tackle it and save our future generation.

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