Way of living -depends on income, not on society

Way of living

No matter which country you belong to, living in the 21st century, nearly about 70% of the population still cares about what other will say, it doesn't matter what your age is, if you are in your 20's, in the '50s or your80's, everyone does care about their reputation in their society.

now, what exactly does reputation means? it simply is a belief or opinion that is generally held about someone or something.so, if one wants to maintain its reputation in society then that means that he /she cares about what society thinks about them which is not bad, but taking it too seriously and started living in terms of society is not a good idea either.

nowhere comes my main point- there are even such people who do not have much income but still show off a lot in society just to make themselves look rich, they might purchase things which are out of their budget or which they can not afford by taking loans like for example - purchasing an iPhone in place of a normal android which doesn't come under their budget. and at last out of these such kind people, in purpose o just showing off they die paying off heavy loans with heavy interest.

if you think about it what did they get? just loans and few society people who talk about them for just a few days .in place of it they could have to save the money and use it accordingly when required and live a peaceful life with no such tensions. the way of living your life depends only on you because no matter what you do, society will praise you in front and talk bullshit behind your back and thats the fact that you can not shut the mouth of society but yes you can live your life on your terms, on your income and not caring about others.

and do remember to say NO to " CHAR LOG KYA KHENGE??"(which means what will people say?) a YES to " LOGO KA KAAM HAI KEHNA" (i.e no matter what you do, people will say)

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Dhriti Midha - Mar 21, 2020, 5:01 PM - Add Reply


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