Effects of COVID-2019 - China and ITALY

2020 had a great start with new booming technological features and numerous advancements. But yes, indeed, COVID had already started in CHINA (WUHAN). Nobody knew and expected that the same would be revolutionalizing the world, and still, the world wants to see how this all happened within weeks. Numerous large companies and businesses have fallen, causing significant losses in their economies. 

Basic Initiation and Spread (For Both Countries)

Let us have a discussion regarding spread country-wise and how they dealt, respectively.


COVID had its origination perfectly in December when China started reporting numerous cases and deaths where rapid increase could be seen by the world. Many suggestions and remarks started coming that Chinese eat many live animals and living things, and due to this reason, they get affected by the same. Later, many researchers made this theory and production wrong, saying that it no doubt has its origin from animal species, but it is human-transferable. 

China effects by COVID-19

Anyways, apart from discussing how it originated, we must consider how did it reach other countries of the world. One must say that the Chinese could have stopped border inbounds and outbounds when they felt the same, but it became too late when they came to know. They did proper lockdown and prepared emergency quantities, no doubt, but it was too late when this all happened. 


Numerous travelers had already returned back to other countries where the real spread of virus started leading to a rise in infections. The very first infected country after China was Italy. Italy has a population of over 70% or more of elderly people. They have lots of places i.e., tourist places too. Therefore, deaths started coming in there, and within weeks, they did not even have a place to bury the dead bodies. Why this all happened so suddenly in Italy? Italian residents say that this happened because they ignored the facts and figures at the start and did not take anything seriously, which eventually resulted in something more dangerous for them.

Ita;y Covid Impacts

As per the latest research, at the start of Feb 2020, only 3 cases were reported in Italy. It was very easy for them to handle the same, and those were the people who had a recent travel history of China.  On the 20th of the same month, severe cases of Pneumonia were reported in the Lombardy region, where the man of 30s having no travel history was diagnosed. Within the next two weeks, a lot of other matters, including crucially ill patients, started coming with advanced or even last stages, and it was concluded that the disease is circulating in the society since January. So, till today, thousands of cases are now reported in Italy, and just today on March 26, 662 deaths are reported, which is not a surprising number now because daily minimum 500-1000 departures have become normal there due to COVID as they are not getting any control on the same property.

COVID ECONOMY Impacts for Both

COVID has seriously affected both China and Italy in various departments, and their overall universal values have seriously fallen.

China has been the second most prosperous country after the USA and comprises of a great economy. They are number one manufacturers of many products and numerous businesses from all over the world do trade with them for various products and services, After COVID-19, their economy has significantly decreased, and till the vaccine comes, they may be facing issues still.  They have no doubt controlled the situation as they announced a complete lockdown after COVID, and the same went successful; now, new cases are shallow in number and are treatable.

On the other hand, Italy is in a complete recession after the COVID attack. Berenberg Bank has stated that Italy's economy and GDP have fallen by 1% this year. Lombardy is the most affected region by the COVID accounting 1/5 of the total GDP. The tourism sector of Italy making 13% of GDP has lost approx 8 billion as per the latest results. The government has said that they will impose shock therapy for economical protection. Mortgages, taxes, and everything relevant is yet suspended due to lockdown, and a support package has been developed for affected families and businesses, which worths approx 9 billion.

To talk more, the situation has now become worse internationally, too, where COVID is spreading its wings in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Every government is taking strict measures to protect its residents and citizens and are striving their best.

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Norainizah - Mar 27, 2020, 3:15 PM - Add Reply

We still in lockdown

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Mazhar Iqbal Rana - Mar 27, 2020, 3:27 PM - Add Reply

I see you from China?

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Norainizah - Mar 27, 2020, 8:44 PM - Add Reply

Nope! Malaysia

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Mazhar Iqbal Rana - Mar 28, 2020, 2:59 AM - Add Reply


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Mazhar Iqbal Rana - Mar 28, 2020, 3:00 AM - Add Reply

Hows weather there? and yes have you withdraw amount from this site?

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Mazhar Iqbal Rana - Mar 27, 2020, 3:26 PM - Add Reply

I see... China you from??

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Johanes Oliam - Mar 27, 2020, 8:07 PM - Add Reply

I live in a suburban. Thank goodness theres no one here being infected

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Mazhar Iqbal Rana - Mar 28, 2020, 2:59 AM - Add Reply

Where is suburban I mean country?

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