Education through television

Nowadays, most of the human activities are being done by machine. Our industry has been mechanized. Our agriculture has been mechanized. Mechanization has been applied to our education. Students are to receive their education more through machines than through a human agency. Radio and Television are two machines through which education can be imparted. Through radio, one can hear only. But through television one can hear and see. So, to impart education television is more suitable than radio.

Television is a handsome device to impart education to the students of different age - groups. Through television, teaching can be given to the students of primary, secondary and college classes. Through TV teaching can be lively with necessary pictures. Surgery and engineering and other technical subjects can be well - imparted through the television.

The little children will be very much interested in teaching with pictures on the television screen. A teacher must be with them to guide them on how to make most of the teaching through television. But the students of the secondary and the college classes can directly receive television - teaching without any teacher as a guide. For the students of the college -classes teaching through television is a boon, especially for the students of science and technology and for the engineering students. The intricacies of the engines and mechanics can be well - demonstrated by the TV pictures. Surgery, too, can be taught well through a demonstration on the TV. Television is a boon for geography students. Far away geographical objects which are out of the reach of the geography students can be shown in lively pictures on the TV screen. The snow-clad Himalayas, the Alps, and the other such mountains, the different oceans, rivers, lakes, the extensive deserts and the jungles of Africa and the people of these places and their ways of living can be shown through television.

Education through television is a must in a modern age when the subjects of study have been filled with details and varieties.

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