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Let me share with you some interesting facts related to Earning money and jobs which are important for you all to know. 


As per an article in September 2018, around 31 million people are jobless in India. But truth is, the number of people must be more than 31 million. After 2016, the government has stopped the labor bureau survey, because it reveals the unemployment population.


In India, 12.5% of people are below the poverty line who cannot earn even Rs. 130. However, the maximum population means 67% of family income is not more than 10k per month.


Forbes Magazine has shown in a report that almost 90% of people all around the world are not engaged in their jobs. They don’t love their jobs or have a passion for it. They just work to earn money and not for anything else. In fact, In Asian countries, 90% of people feel stress instead of excited to go to the job on Mondays. And in India more than 54% of people every year think to change their jobs and they do as well. And because of all these reasons, every year in Asian countries the rate of Suicide, burnouts, and stress is increasing.


After all these facts two important points you should understand is:


1: There is a Lack of Jobs available especially in India.


2: Those who have jobs, they are also not happy with it.


Therefore today here, I will share some important and useful information. I will share how you can stay away from these two big problems by EARNING ONLINE.

Just like Author and Me…. So,





 If we make a graph of Passion & Profit, then almost everyone will come in one out of the four quadrants.




i.                    Quadrant – 2: Job Doers

·         Job doers will come in this Quadrant, who usually don’t have love or passion for the work which they actually do but still, they are forced to do a lot of work for a very less salary. That means neither they work on their passion nor they earn good money.

ii.                  Quadrant – 3: Starving Artist

·         Starving Artist means people who are working on their passion will come. But they usually don’t earn enough money.

iii.                Quadrant – 1: Money Earners

·         They are the exact opposite of Quadrant-3. This type of person earns a lot, by doing jobs like Doctor, Banker, Lawyer or any big professions. But still, they never become happy in their lives, because they don’t work on their Passion

iv.                Quadrant – 4: Click Millionaires

·         Click Millionaires mean people who live as per their conditions. They do a job that they truly love and have a passion for it, and along with it, they earn a lot of money.

·         You should also aim for this Quadrant.





The very first thing on which you should work is,

‘Your Time Using Mentality’


Let me give you an example: Suppose, There are two boys, who have completed their Graduation, but still, they are jobless; the only thing which they have is ‘THE INTERNET’

Now the first boy do time pass whole day because he doesn’t have a job so he plays Games, sometimes go out for a job search, also gives Interview, but still fails to get a job


However, what the second boy does, instead of doing time pass the whole day. He utilizes that time to learn a few new skills every day which he came through the Internet. That few skills, which are in demand and they can be an advantage for him to get a job. Hence he used to learn that skill every day and along with it, he used to read a book for a few minutes. He also plays Games and has fun too, but after one month when he moves out to search for a job, he finally gets a job, WHY?


Because he has improved his knowledge by reading books and also improved his communication, plus the skill which he had learned to get a job.


Similarly, if you want to be a Click Millionaire and want to earn online, then the very first step is to have such a mentality (Time using Mentality).


2.               2. Online Expert


You would have at least some knowledge in any field which can be valuable for someone else.., but the biggest problem before the internet was, earlier it was hard to get the right people who had the knowledge or information which they actually need, but today things are not same.


Today, when you have that knowledge, then you can easily share it with others and can also earn money through it. But to earn money it is important for you to be known as an expert in that field.


Before the Internet, only those people were known as an expert who either has a degree in a particular field or who has great networking. But again things have changed due to the Internet and Social Media


Example: Today when you search anything related to bodybuilding, then you will get many websites and videos which will share information related to bodybuilding, because of which slowly and gradually maximum people start knowing them as an expert in bodybuilding field, whether they have a degree or not, it won’t matter much. After which that person can easily earn money through that field.


Therefore, the second lesson the author says is that you should become an expert in the field which you love and should have a lot of knowledge and information related to that field and then with the help of the internet share it with people by creating your own brand.



3.            3. Lifestyle Business





When Mike was in school; his dad gave him a Remote Control Airplane. He loved that airplane and used to play a lot with it. His life was going normal, and he also became a personal professional Trainer. He used to earn well from his job, but he wasn’t happy with his job for which his friend suggests him to do business. He replied to him jokingly, “Which Business I should do?” To which Mike’s friend replied, “Do Remote Control Airplane Business.”


Mike took his friend to advice seriously and started doing a toy plane Business. With the use of the Internet, he searched for many airplane manufacturers. Then he went to different-different forums to make friends. Slowly, he made a small fan base. Then he started buying a plane from manufacturers and sold them to his fan base with a profit margin.


Slowly and gradually Mike's business started growing, but when China started selling the same product directly at a lesser price, his business started facing problems. To fight this problem, he again used the internet. This time he used YouTube.


He saw that many people have a lot of questions and issues related to RC Plane. So he started making YouTube videos answering those questions and queries and also started making videos related to his new products. By doing this he created a strong community and lakhs of people started watching his videos. People used to love him a lot and many of them used to buy $47 product. By selling that Mike earned a lot of money.


Similarly, if you want to earn online, then the author says that you have to make your strong community. Search a few peoples and then solve their problems, give solutions instead of just focusing on the products. Focus more on people, because if you get people who are interested in listening to you, then by understanding their problems, you can sell many products and services to them and can earn a lot of money like Mike.


4.            4. OTHER’S PRODUCT


Suppose, you want to buy a new cell phone, and then what will you do?


Well, if you are like me then you will search for mobile phones, which comes under your price range. Then maybe you will see reviews of different cell phones. Then maybe you will watch unboxing videos. Then its Features, specifications and everything you can find on the Internet. And then you will buy the best mobile.


Now many a time what happens, people who give mobile reviews on the Internet usually share Affiliate link in their description and says that if you want to buy that mobile then you can click the link. Then a few peoples who buy that mobile, they don’t have to pay any extra amount. But many times they get a discount and the YouTuber who puts the link gets Referral Amount, means the win-win situation.


Here, if you notice, mobile wasn’t of that YouTuber, but still, he earned money from it. That means, he earned from someone else’s product, because people were interested in listening to him. The best thing about making a community is that to earn money you don’t need to create your own product or services. If you understand your people’s problem, if you give good information to them, if you give solutions to them, if you answer their questions and recommend them a good product that is genuinely best for them, then it will benefit them as well as you because by recommending you can also earn money, which is done by me as well.


I search good books, I read it, I listen to it and make summary and at the end, I give you a link, that if you want to buy a physical book then you can buy it, through it you get a new good book to read in less price and even I earn money from its referral, only if you buy that book from the given link.


Not only this, if you want to buy anything from Amazon, instead of going directly to Amazon, if you buy anything by going through my given link mentioned, then you will support me without giving direct money to me.


The similar thing you can also do to earn money.





Through Affiliate marketing, through Blogs, Products, YouTube or through your own product, you can earn money online, but to do it easily, its best to have following, to have a community and best way to create a community is to work on the Niche Topic means a topic, where not everyone but only a few are interested.


If you want to make a good community, then you have to focus on a niche topic and make content and to know your niche, you should focus on one P out of these four P’s




Choose a topic in which you have an interest or it's your hobby or in which you are an expert.

     2. P: PEOPLE


  • See which people you love to stay around, then select a work or business through which you can be around people whom you like.

     3. P: PROBLEMS


  • See what problems people have, what exactly they need, where is inefficiency, what inconvenience people are facing and then solve it.

      4. P: PRODUCT


See which product you are using or wanted to use in your life, which you think should reach more people because it’s that great. This thing will give you an idea of where you can start to sell.



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