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At present ,there are many opportunities to earn online through computer ,laptop or mobile smart  phone.Initial training required and many courses on digital professional also available on nominal rates.

I tried online earning chances through my smartphone on market surveys.Earlier I was a employee in market research companies like IMRB a day Gallop Indian Market Research Buruae is an Indian premier market research agency and Gallop MBA is an American research agency conducting surveys on various topics to understand people's view.I was doing projects on soft drinks ,cigarettes ,match box ,medicines ,automobiles etc.It was quite interesting and we had to visit different locations to collect data's. It is nowadays advantage that the same could be conducted online .For this purpose many reputed companies conduct with simple questionnarries. Persons without prior experience can do these work with some interest and patience.After registering I started doing the work as and when I receive notification in my email provided during registration.These companies pays the reward amount to paytm or bank accounts of individuals when time for redeem fulfils.Some pays the amount immediately and some takes some time as per the different companies rules and regulations. Questions are normally on various products, social issues ,foods or any other relevant subject.I received encouraged as and when received some small payments. Some of the companies pay in the form of gift cards on amazon, flipkart,Bigbazaar or such popular applicationsearches where one can purchase any choiceable products through these simple redeemable gift cards.These cards minimum amountil are INR 300 to INR 500 which are redeemable after successful completion of simple surveys.These surveys normally takes 5 to 45 minutes .The amount received are ranging from INR 25 to INR 250 for each completion of work done.These surveys can be attended on free time or taken as a part time job. I was happy the day I received an amount $50 from a company to my paytm which amount to INR 3600.

I am giving here some market research companies link for interested friends.

mena.yougov.. com/em/refer/7mEigAaZPXRNnsuyoYWBQw/   

Valued opinion. Com


Life points. Com



Panelstation  etc. THANKS.

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