Why susant singh commit suçide?

Riya's lawyer has said these things in the petition filed in the High Court for bail.
Riya accused of being in contact with drug peddlers, arranging drugs for Sushant.
Riya is in Mumbai's Byculla Jail since September 8, and her bail has been rejected twice.

Actress Riya Chakraborty moved the Bombay High Court after the bail plea was rejected twice from the lower court. However, due to heavy rains in Mumbai on Wednesday, the hearing of his case in the High Court has been postponed till Thursday. In a petition filed on behalf of Riya's lawyer Satish Manashinde, the actress has accused three central agencies of 'witch-hunting.'

The petition also states that the central agencies have no evidence against Riya. Sushant Singh Rajput 'took advantage of the people living near him to maintain his drug habit.' The big revelation is that this petition is the first time Riya Chakraborty has admitted that she had, at times, bought small quantities of drugs for Sushant. The actress has also accused Sushant that he used to erase evidence of drinking or buying drugs.

These ten main points have been placed in the petition filed before the bench by Satish Manashinde.

Sushant used to smoke cigarettes with ganja before meeting Riya, and he got addicted to it during the shooting of the Kedarnath movie. Riya made it clear that only Sushant used to consume drugs, and he used to ask his staff members to sell it.
Sometimes Riya used to buy drugs for a small amount of Sushant and sometimes paid them. Riya was not part of any drugs syndicate by any means.
Had Sushant been alive today, he would have been accused of using a small amount of drug, which is a bailable sentence with imprisonment of 1 year.
The petition argued that 'it is very inconsistent that a person who consumes drugs will be punished for a maximum of one year, while on some occasions the person who pays money for drugs can be sentenced to 20 years. Has been. '
Sushant Singh Rajput used Riya, his brother Shovik and his domestic staff to ease their drug habit.
Sushant used to leave no evidence of taking drugs. He ensured that his role in this did not appear in any kind of paper trail or electronic evidence.
It is unfortunate that Sushant Singh Rajput took advantage of those closest to him to maintain his drug habit.
Three central agencies and media trials are having a serious impact on 28-year-old Riya's mental health. If he is sent to custody further, his mental condition may worsen.
Riya, in her 47-page long bail plea, has again alleged that Sushant's relationship with his family had deteriorated and that his sisters had 'left him in a state of depression.
Riya has also raised the issue of how Sushant Rajput has not included any WhatsApp chats, emails, or messages on behalf of the prosecution in the investigation to reveal his own role in acquiring drugs and so on.
Riya's judicial custody till October 6

Riya is accused of being in contact with drug peddlers, arranging drugs for Sushant. Riya was produced on Tuesday through video conferencing from Byculla jail. The special court extended his judicial custody till October 6. In such a situation, Riya now expects the High Court. Riya, along with her brother Shovik has also filed bail in the High Court.

20 people arrested in drugs case

NCB has arrested 20 people, including Riya and Shovik, as well as Sushant's house manager Samuel Miranda, helper Dipesh Sawat and several drug peddlers. Miranda, Sawant, and drug peddler Abdul Basit Parihar's appeals in the High Court after their bail applications were rejected by the Special Court. The next hearing on their applications is on September 29 in the High Court.

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