Do you want to make more money as a Teenager?

Do you want to make more money as a Teenager?

Well, I'm going to show you exactly how to make seventy-five thousand dollars without a boss working part-time so this is perfect if you're a teenager. Look everybody wants to make more money right but you people are actually willing to put in the work to get it and if you're a teenager your options are pretty limited. You know you can do things like work in the service industry as a server or a waiter you could sit behind a desk all day doing repetitive tasks or maybe even work at a retail store. Well look if you consider yourself an entrepreneur, a hustler, a go-getter, and you are ready to put efforts in the work then you can absolutely make way more money than you ever could working a job that you hate. So, how do I know that you can do this? Well, I did it when I was in school and you see at that time I had a job that was giving me about $1,000 a week cash after expenses. When I was 16 years old now this business takes hard work so it's not one of those that asks to create an Instagram account and magically make a million dollars strategy. But the good news is, this is ridiculously simple you don't have to be a genius or have any kind of specialized skills to do this and it's very very profitable. So what is this business? Mobile Car Detailing It's a mobile car detailing and look before you freak out say: ‘I don't have a big truck or a water tank or any of the gear that you need to do that’. Let me break this down and show you how you can do this even if all you have is a small car and this is how I did it in high school.

Three Things You Need to Get Started

You really only need to do three things you get your initial cleaning supplies. You learn how to use it and then you go hustle and you start raking in the cash seriously okay.

Step Number 1

So step number one is: You're going to go to shopping centers and commercial office buildings basically where people are working and they're going to be there for several hours.

Step Number 2

So some number two: If you walk into a business or an office and you talk to the secretary or the receptionist or the first person you see and you say hi my name is so-and-so and my company is outside right now getting ready to detail cars for the next several hours and we wanted to give you the chance to be first in line and then you ask the receptionist to either make an announcement if they have a PA system or to give you permission to go through the offices and offer your services to everybody in the business you'll be surprised how many people will actually say yes to this and then in your hand you have a pricing sheet where you're going to be somewhere in between $75 to 150 dollars for a full detail depending on the size of the car.

Step Number 3

And then step number three is: When you get your first customer you drive that car into the most visible location that you can be so everybody else around will see what you're doing and then as you're cleaning you'll have other people come up to you and say hey what are you doing, how much are you guys charging, and when the car starts to look really good?

Let’s Take a Look at Math Behind It

Word will get around and you'll develop a customer base at those locations. Now let's take a look at the math and how much money you can make doing this because you're probably sitting there. Sounds like hard work? Well, it is. You have to put in hard work but here's the awesome thing. You’re going to probably make more money doing this than pretty much any other job out there that you can get as a teenager. So here's how the math works. Let's say when you're starting out you only do two cars a day which is so easy to get and let's say you average $100 a car which is very reasonable for a full car detail. Now each car is going to take you about two hours to do if you really take your time and do it right. So $100 a car times two $200 times two hours per car for four hours. So you're going to make a couple of hundred bucks in about four hours or fifty dollars an hour. Now Saturdays is where you can actually make a lot more money especially if you're going to school during the week. I did this after school and on the weekends. On the weekends we absolutely crushed it and sometimes we would actually do fleets of cars and make several thousand dollars in a few hours but when you're getting started let's say you do four cars on a Saturday and that takes you a full eight hours. Well you just made $400 in one day so let's say you take a couple of weeks off during the year so $1,000 a week times $50,000 and then if you work 50 Saturdays at $400 a day that's another $20,000 so you are conservatively sitting around $70,000 a year. So aside from the money of this business, you're going to learn some incredible skills and you're going to learn sales and persuasion in the real world providing a service that people love which is invaluable. You're going to make connections with potential mentors, people that see that you're a young hustler and want to invest in you or help you in some way. This happened to me so many times over the course of a couple of years in high school and it absolutely changed where I was headed in life so look I have 7 tips that I want to give you to help you succeed at doing them.

7 Tips That You Need To Know

Tip Number 1

The first tip is to do an excellent job because what that's going to do is it's going to help you build a solid customer base to where you don't always have to keep looking for new customs. But if you suck you're not going to be able to go back to the same location so do a good job, and look if you hustle at this after a couple of weeks you're going to have more business than you know what to do with.

Tip Number 2

So tip number two is: After you do a good job for somebody ask for either referral or if they like to schedule some time in the future then this again is going to be a great way to build your pipeline out where you have a steady consistent stream of business and you have predictable income.

Tip Number 3

And tip number three is: Hunt for companies that have a fleet of cars. This is where you can make so much money in half a day.

Tip Number 4

Tip number four is: Get help. Hire your friends the people that are going to show up and are reliable and not lazy.

Tip Number 5

Tip number five: Get some business cards in just some simple marketing material. We actually got these magnetic signs for the sides of our cars so when we were driving around or when we would pull up in the front of a business center people would instantly know what we were all about.

Tip Number 6

Tip number six is: Don't overthink. This is so incredibly simple it is so incredibly easy to get started just by your initial product which I'll show you here in a second go out learn how to use it and execute it's that simple.

Tip Number 7

Tip number seven is: Be smart with your finances over time. You'll learn how much the product cost it, costs you to do a car which should only be a few bucks which add up over time so set some money aside to save and reinvest in your business.

Okay so how much would it cost you to get started doing it's actually very inexpensive. So if you have a little bit of money great you need to borrow money that's fine too because you're going to hustle and you're going to put in the work and you're going to make the money back quickly so the first thing you want to get is your car cleaning supplies and this is the stuff we used to use it's called dry washing guard and you can see where they have a complete detailing kit for about a hundred bucks and just learn how to use this stuff. you know they have a regular car cleaner they have stuff for the interior they have leather treatments metal shine for chrome rims that look awesome. when you do them and I don't have any ties with this company anymore but we used to love using this stuff. so the next thing you'll need is a little portable vacuum cleaner that you can plug into the power supply in the car and that shouldn't cost you any more than 50 bucks. The final thing that you'll want to get is some microfiber rag that works incredibly well with the dry washing guard product or any other of the water car wash prawns so all in you shouldn't have to invest more than 200 bucks. and again it can do just two cars you're going to make that money back very very quickly.

So if you're a young entrepreneur and you want to make real cash now that's a great way to do that. that you can use to reinvest into other businesses and develop skills early in life that will serve you for the rest of your entrepreneurial career. so go out there and take action.


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