Do God make Mistakes

I could still remember those eyes that were finding something in the sky. The color of sky and the color of eyes were same ... dark and blue. Those eyes were asking something and were answering a lot at the same time. I was sitting in front of those eyes and it seems that they were ignoring me. It was a cafe located at the road side of hills where i was posted temporarily for a Job assignement. I was taking my coffee and was reading a book when i noticed that a girl is sitting in front of my table. She was also drinking her coffee. She was white like snow and calm like breeze. She seems serious and smiling at the same time and then i noticed those eyes. I felt myself drowning in the sea of those eyes. It made me think how a girl like her can be alone in the cafe. I thought that maybe she was waiting for someone, but she looks so cool and calm that she need no other felow. She was perfect in every aspect of perfection a master piece of creator.

I built some courage to talk with her just to brighten my gloomy and shady loneliness. I moved forward to her table, but she was still ignoring me and was paying no attention. I felt ashamed to myself for what to say a girl how is not interested to talk with any stranger, but there was something in those eyes that i have to understand. i felt myself like a piece of iron that is pulled by a magnet and the piece of iron cannot do any thing against the power of magent. I found myself standing in front of her like a statue and could only muttered " Hi..... my... name is .... Abid". Those eyes turned towards me but were not focusing my face and said "HI, i am Jane". Then i realize that a mistake has been made by the creator. The nature had forgot to give light to the sun, the nature had made every thing in perfection and made a mistake and forgot to give shine to those brighten stars. She was blind. I was terribly shocked on creator's mistake.  

Jane was saying " I have to go now, my auth is waiting her at home" and left the table. I was standing still breathless and shocked. When i wake up from the sudden shock and tried to stop her she was vanished somewhere in the crowed and in the street linked with road and ran after her but could not found her.

I lost her like she had lost her eyes brightness. I could only remember those eyes whenever and where ever i sat in the cafe alone.  

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