Diversity of Muslim Ummah

Diversity of Muslim Ummah
Muslims have divine orders to perform Umrah and Hajj in their lives, if they are well-off enough. Almost every Muslim, whether rich or poor craves to see Holy cities of Makkah and Medina in their lifetime, even if they can’t afford still they keep this desire. There is something mysterious about having this desire of performing Umrah and Hajj, almost everyone who whole heartedly wish to do this, ultimately get the chance. Allah blesses them with the chances, resources and sources.
What I loved most about my Umrah experience was the tremendous Diversity of Muslim Ummah. All colors, customs, nationalities and backgrounds were merged up into a large one body, which moved together on one Azan, on call of one Imam, one prayer, one Lord. And that explained how truly Muslims were said to be like one body even when they are spread over whole Earth. Muslims were taught to feel each other’s pain and grief like body parts and when you experience the Umrah and Hajj phase you come to realize how true it is.
Everyone there wishes to do better for each other; everyone tries to care for other, nobody wants to hurt the other, people are ready to provide facilities to others, kids are greeted with love, gifts and sweets, elders give respect and humility to each other. And one wonders that what if we take our, these spirits back to our lands and practice them there how beautiful society we can build. This is what we need today, a world of mutual respect, a world of unity, where everyone preaches and practices love. Where everyone lives in peace.
If we look at the world, at the diversity of creature, spread over the Earth, we see the message of nature encrypted in it. This is the message of love and peace, message of brotherhood and harmony, indeed a divine message of God. ❤
With Love and Peace by:
Cydrah Asad

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