Dieting: top 5 pitfalls and guidelines

Your weight is a balancing act and its equation is very simple. 

If you eat more than burn calories, you gain weight. If you eat fewer calories than burn it, you loss weight.

In today's generation everybody wants to stay fit and healthy but has no awareness about the correct way to do so.

Weight control is considered a difficult task to do as people take their diets to extreme levels which leads them cranky and starving.

But there is a better way!

Yes, you can control weight without feeling miserable. By the end of this article you will realise that weight control can be easy and effective. 




Eating by making smart choices everyday can help you diet and indeed lose weight. Eat and burn according to your capacity and you will be winning the battle of the bulge.



Top 5 pitfalls of dieting 

1. Adequate amount for all: This refers to that your body requires all the nutrients in adequate amount. Cutting down any of the nutrient in order to lose weight will lead to deficiency of the nutrient and therefore leading to diseases.

So, a balanced-diet

is very important to be followed that includes all the six essential nutrients that are

  • Carbohydrates 
  • Vitamins 
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Water
  • Minerals 

2. Eating habits : One should realise that calories add up easily as compared to losing. You should have good eating habits in which you must know what and how much to eat.

Starting the day with oily paranthas and ending the day by finishing kids plates is not advisable. 

3. Exercising :   exercises  has a huge impact on body metabolism and helps to get off extra calories.

It is not important to go to a gym and do intense work out. Walking, jumping, playing outdoor physical games can also be done. 

4. Do not Skip meals : One of the biggest misconception is that skipping meals reduces weight and saves calories.

The truth is it loses weight because it weakens the body and makes you unhealthy. The quote that says :

"Eat breakfast like a king/queen, 

Eat lunch like a middle class man and 

Eat dinner like a poor man." 

Should be followed strictly. 

5. Do not eat in a race to finish: You should eat wisely and by chewing it properly. Tara gidus rightly says,

"we need to adopt more of the leisurely, European style eating so that we can flavour our food, taste every bite, get the signal of fullness before overreacting." 



Top 5 guidelines for dieting 

1. Change of lifestyle : Nowadays the new lifestyle of people that is eating fast foods, packed foods, etc is the main cause of weight increase.

There should be a permanent chnge in your lifestyle and food choices that will surely work in long run. 

2. Lose weight with time not instantly : One should not aim to lose like 10 pounds a week, it should go slow as when a person drops weight instantly, you are actually losing mostly water and muscle rather than calories and fats. 

One should follow the fact that 

Slow and steady wins the race. 

3. Avoid pitfalls : All the pitfalls mentioned above should be avoided as it will lead to health hazards. 

4. Make up a diet chart for urself included fruits, veggies and fibres:  YES, it's correct that you have to eat less calories to diet but it does not mean that you have to eat less. Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy weight. 

5. Tune with the food : In today's fast world, everybody is so busy that they do not have time to sit and eat and they usually multi - task while eating which is fairly wrong.

This results in consuming more than required without realizing it. 



Can you eat food for satisfaction while on a diet? 

Yes, you can eat the food for satisfaction. You just have to burn equal amount of calories you ate. 

Deits should not restrict you from eating stuff but its important to give limits to everything you ea

A balanced diet chart Caption : 6 essential nutrients. 



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