"Cricket" an amazing sport

I remember that I was about 10 years old when I saw my dad watching cricket on television, he was some how very angry, maybe because of the cricket he was watching. So I made up my mind that it's a bad sport that makes people angry and makes them fight and stuff. I know you would be thinking that what I am saying but that is what actually happend in the begining.

It happend in the cold days of winter when I was all wrapped up in my blanket watching my favourite show before a wooden fire rack, seeking warm waves and suddenly the channel on the television changed to sports and there it was the "Cricket", This time when I saw it, somehow magically I could'nt resist the urge to see the next ball flying in the air and making a new sixer. On that day I just fell in love with the amazing so called "Cricket". 

It changed my life, then when ever I watched TV I watched cricket. I went out with my friends, we talked about cricket all day and exchanged our thoughts about it. I was a fast learner so I learned to play cricket very quickly and played all day with my friends. Today I have my very own best team of cricket players and guess who is the coach? "Me" that's right, I earned my place because of my hard work, determination and love for cricket. 

This made me realize that I was all wrong about cricket in the begining becaue I made a mistake of judjing the book by it's cover. Cricket is not just a fun little play arround sport, It has become the heart of international sport competitions all over the world. People pay for it and get paid by playing it and talking about it.

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