Corona Virus - Shocking Dangerous News

What are coronaviruses ?

Corona Viruses are the dangerous virus which causes diseases to Mammals and birds. This virus causes respiratory infections and problems related to nose, throat and respiratory organs in Humans. Since early 1970s corona viruses are causing pathological diseases to animals. Coronaviruses infect the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal track of mammals and birds. Most corona viruses are not dangerous but some species of corona viruses causing many fatal diseases to mammals and birds and recently they have started infecting humans.  

How does they spread ?

A novel corona virus is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans. It has not been confirmed yet that from which animal has it been spread to humans. Corona virus started infecting humans from Wuhan Sea food wholesale market in China. The main reason behind spreading this Corona Virus to the humans is the food of wuhan in china. It is found that in Wuhan people used to eat meat of all types of animals and aquatic creatures including (dogs, bat, snake and many sea food) and it is said as the reason behind spread of corona virus.

Corona virus spread among people to people with close contact of about 6ft through respiration and through sneezes and coughs. Corona virus also spreads mainly while consuming meat of infected animals and it is what happened in China.

Condition of world due to coronavirus 

Today it has caused a great damage in china and it is spreading in other countries of the world like India, Nepal, U.K, Russia and many more. In china it has confirmed that more than 304 people have lost their lives due to corona virus including doctor who was treating patient and at least 14,500 have been infected by coronavirus till 2nd feb. Many people have lost their lives and many cases are proved in many countries. Generally many students who have gone from Nepal, India to china for study have infected and government have called them back and from the airpot they were send for their medical checkup and suspected were kept in hospitals. Many countries have blocked flights from china to prevent the spread of coronavirus and their citizens were taking back to own country from china. coronavirus is declared as Global Health Emergency by UNO.

Sign and Symptoms of corona virus

For confirmed noble coronavirus symptoms are different among people but it is similar to common cold but very very dangerous. It generally starts with 

  1. Fever
  2. Cough

Shortness of Breath

According to CDC the symptoms of coronavirus are seen from the time period of 2 days to 14 days and if in time it have been proved then little treatment is possible.

Precaution and Treatment to coronavirus

Till today no effective vaccinaton and medicines were prepared for coronavirus but we can prevent ourselves from this dangerous virus. In the near some days we might get it's medicine. Many top medical college, research centre are trying to make medicine for this corona virus but none of them have became success for preparing medicines for this virus. The thing is we can only prevent ourselves from this virus by adopting simple measures which are listed :

  • Following the general ways of cleaniness
  • Don't keep any contact with infected humans and animals
  • Stop consuming sea food and meat of poultry
  • Never keep contact with bats
  • Always use mask while travelling
  • Don't drink dirty river water
  • Use of dettol also reduce the chance
  • In case of any doubt we need to consult a doctor

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