Corona virus Pros and Cons

Corona becomes blessing:

You must be amazed, but the question is:

Is Corona just suffering?

Coronavirus is a real set back to the world. It is causing some significant implications for the world in terms of human lives and the economy. But, everything has its pros and cons. Ever since major industrial cities of the world are under lockdown, it affects our environment and atmosphere in the right way.

Sufferings from Corona 

Corona is a real threat to human lives. The number of entities under threat by Corona is 678,073, and the number of people who died because of this virus is 31,746 to date. 


World today is under significant lockdown. Industries have closed, and people bounded to their homes. There is nothing much anybody can do about it. The number of corona cases in the world is on a continuous spike. The most affected country by Covid-19 in Italy. Over 10,000 people are dead in Italy. Most of the cities in the world are under significant lockdown. India, which is the second-largest democracy of the world, country of almost 1.3billion people, is facing a complete lockdown. Who on Earth would have thought that 1.3billion people would have locked down to their homes? 


The country of 1.3billion people is under Lockdown               1.3billion people locked down to their houses


Effects on Economy:  

In today's world, the one with the money is the one with the power. As I mentioned earlier that industrial cities are under lockdown, so it has a significant impact on the economy of world countries. The countries which are major exporters of the world are facing some real trouble as they can't manufacture and export material to the world. Stock markets of America, Japan, Australia, e.t.c crashed. In America, its impact is more significant than the effect which DOW JONES Index faced in 2008. Not just in America but in many countries, circuit breaker rule has been imposed in the stock market because of low trading. Trading has stopped for a specified period. As India is also under a significant lockdown, its economy is also suffering from it. Experts are predicting that it'll have a long-lasting impact on Indian economy

Corona becomes blessing:

Although Corona caused severe damages to the world somehow, it turned out to be a blessing for us or more specifically for the Earth

Ozone layer: 

   According to recent researches, the ozone layer appeared healing amid the novel coronavirus. Because of closed industries and transport, the level of harmful chemicals reaching the atmosphere is least, and the ozone layer seems to repair. It affected up to a dangerous degree, but experts are saying that it'll repair up to a safe level during this corona crisis.

Pollution prevention:

As industries and transport closed, it reduces not only air pollution but water pollution as well. Italy is one of the significant tourist-friendly countries. The water running down the lakes in the streets of Italy was severely polluted. Now when Italy is under lockdown, the water becomes so pure that tiny creatures can be seen swimming in the pool. Air pollution dramatically falls in China, India, and Pakistan. Lahore city, which had the worst air pollution index number, raised significantly to the safe level after the lockdown.


Though COVID-19 has its pros and cons but we all must pray for it to be diminished from earth as it is causing a life threat to us and our loved ones.

Before and After effects of corona virusThis shows how Corona turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


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