Corona Virus


A lot of people might be wondering. What is this? How the hell it doesn't have a cure? Then why, Lockdown or Isolation.?

Let me just give a brief introduction.

So not only Corona Virus, but any Virus, which feeds on its host, is a pathogen as it usually damages or corrupts the host cell. The only possible way of getting it cured merely is allowing it to fulfill its lifetime.

Yeah, it's pretty surprising that not only Corona, but no virus has an antibiotic which could help you to overcome the disease. And that's why doctors usually comment on viral infection is that that allows it to complete its lifespan. THOUGH, what the doctors prescribe are pain relievers or immune boosters to relieve pain and to endeavor and help your body fight through unwelcoming pathogens.

Now, this disease wouldn't have been that frightening if it's transmission wasn't that quick. It merely appears to be a regular flu or cough, but it's much more severe. It gives dry cough, sore throat, flu, loss or diminished sense of smell, weakness, changes in appetite, or can make you feel breathlessness, drowsiness, persistent pain, and pressure in the chest.

This is because it enters our body through either from mouth, nose, or eyes. Or maybe able to enter the lungs directly when inhaled. After entering the body, the virus spreads to the back of the nasal passage and the mucus membrane in the throat, attaching to the body's cell receptors. The virus's genetic material breaches the host cell's membrane and then hijacks it. The virus copies proliferate, break out of the cell, and infect other cells in the body. A single cell can churn out millions of prints of the virus before dying.

Yeah, that's true that few days of Isolation and treatment can help you overcome the disease, but the carefree or careless attitude of few individuals had created a mishap. Because of this reason, it's spreading like insane. Two hundred five countries and territories have been reported to be affected through this virus, beginning from Wuhan, China. In which now, the USA, Spain, and Itlay top the table to be the most infected and deaths. 

In the graph above, I'll briefly explain it to you. So as you can see, there are two graphs. In which, the one without precautions is increases, reaches its peak, then decreases. Though the next one with precautions, the figure doesn't increases much and gets constant, which means that yeah, there is suffering and damage too, but comparatively, the number of cases and deaths is less. So by flattening the curve, you can reduce the number of casualties and injuries and prevent deaths, which could occur, causing more damage to the people and the country and eventually, the whole world. 

Corona is no joke and has seriously baffled the whole planet. So, it's a request to all of you guys to keep urself clean and avoid meeting in large groups, encourage social-distancing, cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing to protect others, and prevent its transmission, and get yourself tested if your body shows symptoms of the disease. Wear Masks and use hand sanitizers. And, the best possible way is to remain at home. Like, how amazing is that to stay at home, chill and relax, and you actually keep yourself and others protected. And contribute to the prevention of it's spreading by merely doing nothing.

For me, it's a one in a million opportunity to avail, which would not only satisfy you guys but your nearest people and the whole world that you avoided the disaster which could have taken place if you would have shown an arrogant attitude towards the severity of the situation. So, we have to flatten the curve in order to prevent maximum casualties and deaths.


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