Consumers Judge Brands by Their Logos

More than half of American-recognized logos are often more likely to be in one company, according to a study by VistPrint's prompt.

  85% of the respondents identified themselves as "loyal to the brand".

  The most recognized logos include Apple, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks top five.

  In the business world, much like everyday life, a good first impression goes a long way.  With today's customers moving faster than the previous generation, there are seconds to show you what your brand has to offer.  According to a recently published survey, a company's brand image is so important that a bad image easily distracts potential customers.


  Last December, Vizprint commissioned Promotic OnePal to run a survey of 2,000 U.S.-based adults who have contacted their customers and why they applied.  Should be done, but more than a third say they feel the Ana brand logo which implies overall quality.


  "Our research shows how much the business logo has on its credibility," says Lalori Sol, general manager of Promotic.  "What keeps a business there reflects their overall identity - be it a t-shirt with a logo or branded tote bag, customers are able to connect with the business story and who they are."


  The world's most iconic brands sport the most dominant logos on the market, and researchers find that a combination of color and aesthetics hinders a consumer's interest in a brand.  [Read related article: How To Build A Great Corporate Logo]


  The color and size of the branding


  Think, if you do, the important brands in your life.  You'll probably be able to imagine their logo in their mind.  According to researchers, this is not a mistake.  To straighten Nike from McDonald's Gold Arch, powerful branding makes it very easy for a brand to build a brand.


  According to the researchers, a good logo is so important that half of the respondents said they were more likely to use a company if they recognized a branding.  Furthermore, 3 out of 5 respondents said that they would not use a company if they did not have a "intimidating" brand image.  Although this is a higher subjective metric, a good logo indicates exactly how much the business parameters are.


  A good branding strategy can make or break some companies.  In fact, 5% of respondents reported that the "look and feel" of a company could be the reason for their decision.  Researchers found that 30% of respondents said that they first recognized a product was after the logo and its name and color.  Color was so important to respondents that about 25% said that the colors used in the logo help them remember the brand directly.


  How about the new business logo factor?


  When it comes to logos, it is easy to think of some of the world's biggest brands, but businesses of all sizes benefit from interesting or memorable logos.


  In fact, 20% of respondents said that their logo would be the single highest priority when starting a new business.  More than half the good logo is rated as "high".  [Read related article: 5 Free Logo Creation Tools]


  When bringing your own logo, researchers learned that some colors resonate better than others.  For example, red was considered the most memorable color among the respondents (22%), blue (14%), green (10%), yellow (9%) and purple (5%).


  "Customers will be able to identify leading brands with just the primary color or size of the logo, and consumers will naturally trust these companies more" "This means that both new and established businesses will need to bring more logos to market.

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